Help me God

Help-Me-God. A Hand reaching for help from God

Help me God

Feel as if life is too much to handle like you are drowning in a sea of suffering? Cannot understand why bad things happen? Having trouble with health or depression? Want to be happy? Want to know the meaning of life, who you are or why you were born? Cannot forgive something or let go of the past?

Our Help me God website is the place to start looking (or asking) for spiritual help. You are not alone, we as fellow children of God are here to help our siblings – You! 

When we were born God never gave us a users manual, and since our parents didn’t get one either what they taught us was not as productive as it could be. We are born perfect then as we grew we learnt not-so-perfect concepts or behaviours which we must now address. That is why so many cry out, Help me God!.

This help me God website is all about God and is dedicated to help you and others like you. When we cry out in pain “HELP ME GOD“, some of us may get an answer and some may be led to the answer via media, such as a book, movie or perhaps this website.

There is nothing you need to learn, you know it all. But there are many things you may need to be reminded of and to do that requires some un-learning of wrong concepts or poor perception of yourself.

Please go through the menu (top navigation bar) of this website. You may also try using the search box. Look for some guidance which may trigger a memory of who you really are; how great you really are in Gods eyes. If you like you are most welcome to ask_a_question and get help now for any spiritual help.

You do not need to be spiritual to use this website or our service; anyone in need is most welcomed. The answer which comes back may be spiritual however, as almost all problems come from our mind fooling us into thinking we are just the body. But we are much greater, we are the soul which is part of God. Together, we all make up the body of God Almighty.

Help me God Spiritual Questions Helpline is a work in project, designed and intended to help as many spiritually minded people in whatever path they follow. We help not just by providing information on spiritual methods but mostly deep insight into what past gurus have said to help us; from a spiritual point of view instead of religious. The difference is real gurus, when they are alive, can help us. Religions are just the left over of what past masters have said and done. When we pray or ask “help me God’, the past religious masters cannot hear us unless we have a channel to them. If they could hear us, then everyone’s prayers would be answered and the world would be perfect right? So, God is waiting but we need to communicate using the right method. That is where the help me God website can help you, if you wish.
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