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Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Kung-fu

Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Kung-fu martial arts


The Spirituality of martial arts, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong and Kung-fu


Tai Chi Chuan and Qi-gong are martial arts that utilize prana externally (body postures to control the flow of chi) to achieve similar results to Pranayama, but less powerful. They provide great physical benefits, can heal many diseases (especially those related to age) and greatly improve mobility.

Tai Chi has roots in Taoism, hence the use of the yin-yang symbol to signify its spirituality.  It is known as a self-defense technique with offensive moves, but has much deep spiritual meaning when originally taught by living masters. The Yin reflects the feminine soft moves; the yang represents the masculine stronger aggressive moves.

At the spiritual core of martial arts are :

  • Non action, or no harming others – the method is used nowadays to pacify the mind, to bring clam and harmony into life with gentle slow movements which emphasize passiveness. The slow movements help with reducing stress, relaxation and concentration.
  • Surrendering – if we return anger with anger, we get more anger. But if we yield to the anger and use it, it will be dissipated. So many movements are to avoid being hit, to be lose and flexible so the attacker does all the work and wears themselves out
  • Let go of the small self, connect with the whole to become greater – by utilizing the chi or prana, we use the energy of the universe to stabilize us. Some of the movements reflect that, where it feels we have the entire world behind us
  • Fighting for a cause, an absolute resolve to protect the master and dharma

These exercises have movements which constantly change from yin to yang and back, from open to closed, from in to out There are many hand and body movements to help pass the chi through different parts of the body and remove blockages promoting healing.

Basic techniques are very safe and suitable for all; it’s mostly a form of exercise with many spiritual benefits. As with any exercise however, start slowly and beware of your limitations. If you wish to know the movements, please search the internet; perhaps starting with youtube.com. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to the martial-arts, we cannot do it justice here.