Living Food

Food Pyramid, best spiritual food

The Food Pyramid shows exercise is key to good diet, it helps build the immune system and to assimilate the nutrients


Living food or Raw (unprocessed) food


Past great masters, even thousands of years ago seem to have known more about nutrition than modern-day medicine, especially when it comes to living food. For example, in the Christian bible it states “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” Of course there are many interpretations of this verse, so will shall offer another variation.

“Word” was translated from the Greek word “Logos” which means word, sound or divine source. Groups such as Sant Mat, practice sound meditation using this “Word”.

Everything is made by the word, shabd or divine vibration. As we explained in Spirituality of Nutrition, we have become coarser and coarser from the type of food we have eaten. That’s because all food items have unique vibrations (hence the saying we are what we eat).

Some things you can see, like when we mix water & oil together they don’t mix, oil floats due to its higher density. Obviously steamed food will be healthier than deep fried as the food has not changed so much from its original state.

So to go one step further and look at raw food or living food like sprouts, then we can see the living food has a finer vibration. This is an easy experiment, eat 100 grams of raw living food and compare that to 100 grams of fried food or 100 gram of dead animal flesh. Compare how you feel, how heavy or light? How clear your mind is, how much energy you have when eating living food.

That is because the life force energy is different, in living food it’s still intact and when we eat it we get life. With dead things, we get death. The finer the vibration of living foods we eat, the finer we become. And the opposite is also true, eating heavy dead flesh gives us numerous forms of cancer, blood pressure and countless other problems related to clogging up our system with the wrong type of fats. Eating light things or in small amounts helps to uplift us.

We all do not need to become raw or living food consumers; we simply should know what is heavy and what is not. If we have a bad day spiritually, then we must look at what caused it. Diet is one of the more important areas which can affect us.

Check out the food pyramid above, as you can see, as recommended by government nutritionists, the foods we eat the most should be plant-based; so even from a scientific point of view we should eat more fresh wholesome living foods. What’s not mentioned is the difference in nutritional levels if we eat living food compared to processed or acidic food.

Food is an emotional area, especially when most people think living food is rabbit food. No one likes to be forced to eat in a style not in-line with their lives. So the middle way is to find out what your body needs to make it healthy and a useful vehicle to practice with, then look for replacements of the naughty things you may like but know are not good for you.

Its no point having a clean body if our minds are constantly struggling. Sometimes we must compromise for a while until we get use to the new change.