Pro-choice (Right to die)

Being Pro-choice means having the Right to Die

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Pro-choice (or the Right to die)

Prochoice is when we make a decision when to end a life either unnaturally such as an abortion or in a more dignified way when we are in pain or suffering, such as euthanasia. It does not cover suicide.

The technical definition of pro-choice on abortion is “to believe that women have unlimited autonomy with respect to their own reproductive systems as long as they do not impose their belief on others”

God has made us in his image and given us free-will and thus is pro-choice

Yes, we have total free-will to do as we please. The problem is every choice has a consequence; as you sow so shall you reap; otherwise known as karma.

Bad things happen for a reason, almost always its part of our growth and repayment of karmic debt. If we try to avoid the lesson being given then it must manifest again and with interest.

We can terminate a life, just like soldiers do in war. But look at what happens afterwards, the misery not only for the dead but the living. The suffering continues because the karma continues. Hatred begets hatred, killing begets revenge.

When we terminate a life the universe first looks at what the terminated life was supposed to do, what was its mission and how much of it has been curtailed.

  • If a person is in a coma and on life-support is terminated then there is not much the person had left to do (perhaps only make others feel compassion and appreciate what they have). Without the machine nature would end the life so the karma is minimal if any.
  • If a person is of able-mind but has a disabled body and not on life-support, and decides to end their life, the universe would consider this as suicide. Why, because the body must be injected with poison to be killed and the decision to do that was the living person. The date and time of death was a personal choice, not the will of God. A better solution is to bear the pain, endure the suffering for yourself, and also how it effect’s others. Your suffering has value; perhaps others around you need your experience for their own growth. For someone on life-support, they would already have died naturally if in a region which did not have the technology to keep them alive.
  • If we terminate the life of an unborn then many things must be re-arranged. A soul owns the future body at the time of conception, after waiting a very long time for the privilege of being born human, it was denied. What happens after that?
    • Whomever terminated the life must pay for the karma of the unborn
    • Whomever terminated the life must share spiritual-merit with the unborn so it can be reborn again as human
    • The unborn (in most case) will hang around the woman in spirit form and even grow as it would with a physical body. The unborn takes an astral form. Often the woman will feel the presence of a being hanging around them or have dreams about them.
    • The people involved with the decision to terminate may have emotional issues for life, depends on their sensitivity
    • Contrary to popular belief, we humans cannot have endless number of children. It depends on our baby-karma. Some people cannot have any, a rare few can have one per year. When we end a life it counts as one of our children so sometimes the woman will not be able to give birth again; in some cases this will manifest as a problem during the termination.

So yes, we have the choice to terminate; God will not stop us. But are we prepared to accept the consequences?

A far better option than abortion is adoption, have the child and allow another to love and care for the child. Saying there are millions of unwanted children in Asia or Africa is nonsense, total hogwash. Foreign adoption is not practical for most families. By giving the child out for adoption everyone wins, and the karma is mostly restricted to just the pregnancy period.

What’s wrong with abortion, it’s just flesh

After all, an unfertilized embryo is ejected every month so what’s the difference?

Well, the correct question we need to ask is what’s right with abortion? Even pro-choice activists would agree terminating a life is never a real option except they argue the problems by having the child outweighs the consideration that the unborn, undeveloped foetus is actually a life.

Spiritually speaking, during copulation Heaven is already active. Once conception occurs the embryo turns into a foetus and is essentially an unborn human being. While it’s true no consciousness may have entered the body of the foetus, it still belongs to a soul. Depending on the spiritual level of the soul, it can decide when to enter the body. For some pregnancies it’s immediately upon conception, for more advanced souls it could be at birth. Why, because when the consciousness enters a human body it is like entering prison as compared to the freedom of Heaven so if a soul has spiritual-merit it will wait as long as possible.

So the argument that an un-born is not yet human is not true, the body has been earmarked for a soul. If the body is killed it is considered by Heaven as killing a life, even though the law of a nation may allow it. This is one of the rare instances where worldly abortion law does not match that of Heaven. But just from the controversy it causes we can see there is a problem with the worldly law.

Even states which don’t allow abortion but make an exception during rape cases is not justified. Why, because nothing bad can happen to us; we are responsible at some level of consciousness. The hideous crime had occurred due to past karma and also the mother had some affinity with the unborn and criminal. Rape is never good, no crime is good and no crime should be tolerated.

We simply must understand on a spiritual level why bad things happen. God does not make mistakes, we have free choice but there are consequences to our actions and behaviour. In this life the woman may be pure and guilt-free, but in other lives only God knows and that’s why bad things happen. For us humans we should ignore what a person did before (present or past-life) and always try to prevent crime. We must live by love and at the same time we must accept what we did in previous lives even though we don’t know.

At the time of birth a veil covers our past-life information to make it easier to live now. Imagine if we did many bad things in past lives and knew it, wouldn’t the guilt and burden make life impossible now?

Why can’t I terminate my own life, don’t I have to right to die

Imagine a university student wanting to become a doctor but halfway through his course decides to quit, what happens? Sure he can quit but he will not pass the course, and never become a doctor.

Our course is called life; our mission is to endure it and graduate after a natural death, because we have karma here right until death.  If we quit the course early we will not graduate and thus we have to do it again. Worse still, students who delay their studies generally find it more difficult, and so if we delay our life-course and do it again it will be more difficult, much more because now we also some more karma due to added interest.

In summary, we do have the choice to end life early, but in reality there is no such choice. We will have to complete it eventually, and the longer we delay the more suffering we must endure. One life-time is nothing in the existence of a soul, but for the consciousness it means more time away from its original nature. All of us are walking a spiritual path of some sort so will eventually return to our original abode in Heaven, we have all signed a pact to be in Gods theatrical play called life. Mostly, the only choice we have is how quickly we can end the play and the only way to eternal freedom (Nirvana or liberation) is by practising a real method with a real master.

Ending our life early only delays our return, by quite some time