Which religion is best

Which Religion is best, why do they have issues

Hermit is pondering life and wondering why some Religions can be pretty intense and make us fearful of God.


Which religion is best

There is nothing wrong with following a religious doctrine, so which religion is best? The issue lies with the people in charge. The best religion is any you have affinity with, once you remove the veil of language, culture and rituals; they are pretty much all the same.

Hopefully that positive comment has removed any Jihads against our web site 🙂 Sorry for Hermits mouth, he doesn’t mean to be so negative but he has had some bad experiences with mainstream religions and cannot understand why they all think they are the best and why their followers fight! Hermit is not alone.

Since Hermit seems to be smiling, lets take a break from the intense and tell a joke. There was a boy asking his dad spiritual questions. He asked Dad, which religion do you pray to? Dad answered, all of them son. Son asked, why dad? Dad replied, well son you never know, one of them could be right 😆
Religions are just the leftover crumbs of the divine message great enlightened masters leave behind when they die.

What Rama, Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed or any of the great and wondrous past masters were alive, they were God almighty personified, made flesh or human.

  • each housed the power of God, in totality.
  • each could save the people they came to save,
  • each taught the truth and took on the karma of those they taught (and suffered for it).
  • each liberated their followers from suffering
  • each taught the true method for eternal liberation (according to the era they existed) and
  • after they died each left behind an empty shell called religion, their ‘ism’ (well actually, it was their sincere followers who created the religion with good intention. But when alive, all great masters taught disciples to go within for the truth and stay away from all forms of external worship. Intellectualism takes us away from God)

When a master is alive God is with them, they are empowered with infinite divine blessing. When a disciple follows them, some of that blessing enters the disciple enabling them to understand things differently, from an uplifted spiritual point of view. The disciples become partially enlightened from the direct teachings of the master. It’s like they have a visa to visit a country; in this case Heaven. The connection with the living-master was the key granting access to higher realms.

When the master dies, the disciples still have the key because it was already granted. But anyone else cannot have a key, they may know of it but Heaven will not recognize them because they were not introduced by the living-master (like no valid visa). They may have some blessing but not the same as the original disciples that met and were initiated by the, living-master.

The master (when alive) gave profound discourses to teach the followers whom could understand fairly quickly since they were already a little awakened. Most of the teachings were done silently via a sort of heart to heart or master to soul transmission. Just by deep meditation the disciples gained wisdom.

After the master passes-on the negative power or Maya gets active to changes the beautiful teachings to make them fake or dysfunctional. Why? Because Maya does not want people to know the truth, to live perfect lives – the illusion wants to keep us as slaves. This is how it works, slowly over time. Lets say you hear a story from a friend which touches you, so you tell another friend who tells another…After a few people hear it, do you think the story will be the same? Now, imagine the story is translated into a different language each time, what do you think will happen? And finally, the consciousness of each person is different, interpreting the essence of the story differently.  So whats left? The holy books of all religions….that’s mostly how they came in being. Some may say it was direct communication from God, but from the text we can see some judgemental-mind may also have been involved.

Non-enlightened priests, monks, leaders or religious-clerics interpret the divine teachings of the long-dead masters and decide what they mean for you and I. The rest is history (as they say in the movies)! We have such bizarre situations now with religious leaders behaving more like dictators or high priests making statements about God to keep their flock in fear and more importantly, under control.

When alive the masters had to tell the truth, that they were the only means to God almighty and all those performing rituals were wrong…each said that and each was right; but only at the time each was alive, they were the messenger of God who had the key to Heaven. After they died, God sent another messenger who was given a key, but because he/she was born into another country or culture, the new master was not recognised by the followers of previous masters.

Mankind reads the message (that their now deceased master said – ie. he was the only one, the only way to Heaven) and takes it literally, even making wars over it.

God is love, nothing but pure unconditional divine merciful love.

If we practice with a real master, a living one, then we will understand the true meaning of most religious doctrines. We will see the beauty in them as we ourselves become beautiful noble beings. And furthermore, we will have the highest and most noble respect for all past, present and future guru‘s because we will know who they really are; God personified.

So which religion is best? None, and all! It depends on what is in the followers heart, and what their karma is.