Plant and Animal life

Relationship with nature, Plant and Animal life


Spiritual Relationship with nature, plant and animal life


Due to how separate some humans feel, many have better relationships with plant and animal life than with each other.

Many animal shelters now run from rich pet owners leaving everything for their much beloved animal companion. This is not surprising because like young children, animals have something we adults crave; closeness to our creator. Animals don’t think, don’t hold a grudge; they just love and are in a state of being. Some abused ones may seem dangerous, but only because humans made them fearful.

Have you ever observed animals at play, or doing nothing. Well, they can! How many of us can do nothing, just sit still and be? That peace within them is a powerhouse of love which is generously shared to all beings. If you’ve had a pet, especially a dog, you will understand this.

It’s very natural for humans to have extremely loving relationships with animals; they can be part of our family like our children. They can make life worth living, and they can help us spiritually by bringing out our dormant love. We can only be benefited by animals; they are our friends here to bless us. Their simplicity and joyousness reminds us of our true nature, their unconditional love reminds us of God‘s love, their complete surrender and forgiveness reminds us of how we must be.

Relationship with Nature


How do we have a relationship with nature or plant and animal life? If you do not know, then learn quickly or see here for a few easy methods!

Nature is all around us, it is life being lived. The sky, wind, birds, animals, trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, and what’s seems like an infinite variety of flora and fauna; all are here to bless us.

Nature is serene, it has peace; it has what we seek. Be-ing with nature, allows some of that tranquillity to flow within our being. That is, not going to the park, but to be in state if emptiness whilst in the park. That’s how we can use nature, to have a relationship with ourselves through an external medium of serenity. Tree huggers for example, allow the essence of the tree to center them so they feel more grounded. Barefoot walkers want to touch the earth to feel connected. Bike riders want to feel the breeze cooling their body. Bush walkers want to trek in nature, and awaken their senses.

Many persons have started their spiritual life in nature, even watching the sun rise/set, watching the tide comes in….anything which puts you in a state of awe and nothingness…complete mindfulness. That is natures magic, that’s why She is our true love which can never be lost. And that is why it’s so east to develop a relationship with nature, plant and animal life.