Movie review, I’m fine thanks

I'm fine thanks, documentary movie


Movie review, I’m fine thanks


Welcome everyone, this is a first for us but hopefully becomes more common. I recently watched a documentary online and wanted to share its message, as it has a recursive them that our site also agrees with.
Being a spiritual site, our review will focus on the deeper meanings of all the stories contained in the documentary. The film, called “I’m fine thanks” by Crank Tank Studios and working through a company called Man Vs Debt LLC costs only $5 to download and is well worth it. The story or message gets a 10/10 but the editing perhaps a 7/10. The project was funded by that excellent site for startups called
I’m fine thanks is a documentary about simple living and following our dream or hearts. In revolves around real people who felt dissatisfied with their lives, liked trapped in a vicious circle of career/mortgage/debt/obligations and wanting to stop what makes them happy and do what brings joy not only to their lives but to others around them and add value to society.

These people were told at a young age that life is about education, job/career, marriage, house, family (in that order) and then after retirement you get to do what ever you like! We must be financially wealthy striving for success, have all the trappings of life and be the same as everyone else, even if they are all miserable. And if we step outside the box, we will be frowned upon!

Sound familiar?

Without even knowing it (or maybe some did) these people are very spiritual because they can sense the deep longing for meaning in their lives, and can see the nonsense of society how it traps us to thinking financial success and “stuff” is what life is about.

There is more to life and to us, than meets the eyes. Spiritually speaking, the meaning of life is to live life fully according to our karma or destiny. What our soul strives for is love, to experience it in a physical way. Its not surprising then that 9-5 jobs could not satisfy the people interviewed but, being with their partners/children could. And doing something they enjoy which helped others also could.

From a very young age we all make choices. God put us here to live a full and happy life, each of us has talents which will naturally make us want to do something in that field. If we go against it then there will be a sort of internal struggle in our hearts causing our minds to make trouble for us; like unhappiness, depression, etc. It will make living in the world difficult and not very enjoyable, even if we have luxurious lives.

In the movie I’m fine thanks, people questioned their routine life and asked themselves tough questions. What do I want to do, what will make me happy? How can I survive without my job and house?

Interestingly enough, some sold their homes and downsized. Some started their own small business and some went back to art and creativity. But the main point (which was implied in the movie but not stated) is that we are given all the tools needed to complete our mission in life, things will come to us if we allow them to. Being at peace within ourselves is the key, to let go of what we have, so that something greater can come in. If we keep a glass full of water then how can we add juice to it? So first we must empty the glass (our vessel or mind) so that new things can come it. We are living beings constantly creating or recreating ourselves anew. But embracing the flow of life and following our hearts, we will naturally attract whatever it is we need. Life is easy when we let God run it.

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