Love is all there is


Love is all there is


Love dawns each day as the sky turns bright

Love flows each night as indoor lights brightens our sight

Love radiates all day like a lover on heat never wanting to sleep

Love is….It just is


Love is not to be defined by the mind

Love is in everything, and everything is love

Love is in the pain, in the joy and in the sorrow

Love is enjoyment found in the moment

Love is all there is, and all there is – is Love<

Love is….It just is


Love so simple makes the day pass away

Love so complex makes our heart stay away

Love so ritual is a life wasted away

Love so beautiful when our eyes see the divine

Love so true when we say, I love you

Love is….It just is


Love is the only law in the universe

Love breeds love, love guides love, love tolerates us, love is love

Love knows love because God is Love and Love is God is action

Love, Oh sweet Love is all there is; pity the wretched in denial

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