Our Mission

Our mission is to Help you climb the ladder to reach God; thats our mission

Our mission is to help you climb the ladder to reach God; that’s our mission. The Help me God Spiritual Questions Help line is a free help desk dedicated to you to help you on your journey to self-awareness and then God realization. It’s a vehicle for us to share our wisdom with you and to help uplift humanity through you. Each person has great potential to elevate collective world consciousness. Our mission is to help anyone in need, who knows, you may be the person who grows into a master and thus touch thousands or millions of lives.

So this site is for you, a tribute of love for the almighty through you.

 A master once told us when we do a retreat never think it’s for us. Think of the benefit the world gets, make it a form of the highest love; like a sacrifice or seva yoga (devotional selfless service, also known as karma-yoga).

 We’re not too serious, more light-hearted but very functional. It’s how we interpret life on our spiritual journey, have fun, share joy and always know who we really are. Hopefully you’ll find our sense of humour somewhat amusing.

The picture above shows the primary objective of every spiritual practitioner, to climb higher and higher until we reach our destination, perhaps Heaven, Nirvana or Bliss. As we climb our consciousness will change, our thinking will change and our vision will change. We will see the saintly aspects of everything and eventually see God in everything. The hand of God shown is symbolic of the help we all get, in some way shape and form. This site is also a form of help, hopefully you find it useful.

We are here to help you climb higher (as high as you wish), as you are here to help us climb higher; such is the beauty of creation and also one of the main reasons we have created this website.


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