Why do I need God

Why do I need God. Well, why do you need parents or a friend?

Its nice to have a friend to lean on

Why do I need God

Wow, what a cool question to ask?  Why do we need parents? Well, once conceived we don’t.  Do we need teachers? In theory no, but they make studying much easier. So now, since we came from God already and we are the children of God anyway, we don’t actually need God for anything. Please excuse this blasphemous statement and let us explain.

God’s love is totally unconditional, never judgemental, never revengeful, and never retaliatory. God does not care if we return the love, worship or anything holy…simply does not care – why…because we are God, in part and  in the process of reuniting. We came from God, in fact we never left. We are always connected, always in touch and in all ways living a life to glorify God (please see the meaning of life)

So, if you do not need God then that’s fine, it’s your role in life. It’s how you were made, so for you God does not need to exist.

Why do I need God? If we are not sure, or think we still need God for something and want to develop a two-way relationship with God, then here are some reasons why we do.

Do you need your parents or friends? Theoretically no (there are many orphans or test-tube babies in the world), but in practice yes. We need the support they give, not just motherly love, paternal care or fatherly strength but also the invisible peer support we get, knowing we have a stable home and place to return from life’s adventures. They have our backs, so to speak. They are our life support in times of need. Parents in this case mean guardians, not just biological.

So the main point with parents or close friends, they provide love which is the prime ingredient for us humans to grow (physically and spiritually).

Why do I need God? God is our father and mother combined (the real parent at the soul level). So if our physical parents can give us so much support, imagine how much we are getting, or can get, from our real eternal and only creator? But first we must know if God is real, and how to trust God. After all, why would we need someone or something we think is fake?

The problem, and the reason people ask why we need God, is we cannot see God or what is being done for us by God.  Where is the proof God exists, that we are the children etc?  From these types of questions it is easy to understand why atheists don’t believe in God.

When we begin to awaken our spirituality, we start to believe there is something else in life apart from the physical and we start to seek answers. At that time, many little miracles will come into our lives and then we will see that yes, God (or something) is helping us. These miracles are mostly small and private, only we will know but the knowing is so certain it leaves no room for doubt.

For example, when we think of an item, it manifests, when we pray, it’s answered (perhaps not the way we want but in a more perfect way). 

And, if we meditate on God we will have visions and inner experiences leaving us in a state of bliss, like going back home to see the old folks after a very long time.

Why do I need God? We need God only if God is what we want. God is our support and sustainer. After death we no longer have family and friends, only God. And who is God? Our most loyal friend – all of us unified to make an infinite power of pure love.
Who represents God to us the most while we are alive? That depends on your path, normally it’s the guru that is God made flesh. The beauty of the Lord is that each of us can have a different image of what God is & looks like.  And we are all right, alright?