Why meditate | The benefits of meditation

Why meditate - see these meditating kids; Obviously there are benefits to meditation

Even young school children are taught to meditate to help with schooling and keep them calm

Why meditate, What are the benefits of meditation

Meditation can be on anything when we concentrate the mind with intent. Prior to answering why meditate, and the benefits of meditation, please read the section on what is meditation.

As described, even sitting in the lounge zoned out listening to some beautiful music is a form of meditation.  So now the question changes to, do you really want to meditate and why do YOU want to?

Both of these questions you must answer before because something has triggered your curiosity about meditation. Sure, it is something the whole human race should so, but each person may have a different reason for themselves. So there are many different methods which can yield results suited to the needs of the individual. If you’ve studied some spiritual literature which talks about why meditate, or perhaps an article which explains the benefits of meditation, especially in terms of health and intellect; these could be the reason why you are here, seeking to know a little more.

The Benefits of meditation and reasons why meditate

Here are a few of the many benefits of meditation and why we should meditate (not in any order). Of course it should be added that real inner peace and inner progress will depend on your intention and attitude. It’s not just a school or teacher that creates results, the student must also strive. Anyone can meditate, anyone can have these results, meditation the way back to connect to our real selves, and utilize the dormant talents and energy within us.

  • brings a certain calmness into your minds and thus into our lives
  • helps to relax, reduce stress & anxiety and hypertension
  • improved health and wellbeing
  • improves the immune system
  • improves wisdom by becoming more intuitive
  • improves intelligence by enhancing memory abilities
  • improves the percentage of the brain used & how it functions
  • improves energy and strength  levels and vigor
  • rejuvenate our cells, reducing aging
  • takes us to the home of ascended masters where our prayers can be heard easily
  • connects us with our true self, the soul
  • helps us to understand the meaning of life and why bad things happen
  • builds self-esteem and self-confidence
  • reduces mental disease such as depression (if used with medication)
  • helps to reduce addiction to toxic substances
  • makes us happy providing a feeling of bliss
  • natural high with no side effects (except benefits with done correctly)
  • creates inner peace
  • builds our love and compassion for all beings
  • one of the steps to enlightenment
  • can experience oneness with all
  • empowers us with new talents and abilities
  • helps us to understand karma and why people suffer
  • allows us to be in the now, to live in the present moment
  • can help us accept life as is, to be content
  • higher creativity
  • and much, much more…

Just 20-30 minutes per day, more if you follow a strictly pure moral life including a vegetarian-diet.

You can learn how to meditate  and the many types of meditation also from our site. Our menu bar lists  the various mainstream methods and described from a very practical and spiritual way.