Pranayama | Kundalini Yoga | Breath control

Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga & Breath control

Spirituality through opening of Charkra’s and awakening Kundalini

Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga and Breath control all impact our Chakra centers


Pranayama is known as the art of breathing using vital-energy called prana. Many of the meditation methods in the world (past and present), use breath control (pranayama) as the fundamental core to reach awakening. With concentration on the breath, or the silence behind the gap between the breath, we are able to still the mind and enter a Samadhi state. It also helps to awaken the sleeping serpent as we practice Kundalini Yoga

Prana (the vital-life-force-energy) is also known as Chi, Qi, Ki or universal life-force. It is an invisible energy source which flows though the body, earth and everything. It sustains life and permeates all sentient beings. Science does not fully understand it, but many techniques utilize it and have amazing results. Tai Chi or Qi-Gong both use the flow of prana, after just a few days of practice one can feel tingling in our fingers and body. After months or years of practice, our whole body can be rejuvenated. Breath control or pranayama both use prana.

When prana flows smoothly, we are in perfect wellness. When there are disruptions or blockages in the flow of prana within us, it’s a sign of sickness; either emotional or physical. Prana can be seen by some people, and felt by many. When we feel or sense a blockage, then we must try to remove it in the best way for us, in order to go back into balance.

The practice of Pranayama involves taking in deep & slow breathes, holding it for a few seconds and then slowly releasing it. Some methods may ask you to focus on certain energy portals in the body (called chakras), some do visualizations, some mudra’s (finger/hand positions), some closed eye meditations, etc. If you wish to learn this method please seek expert guidance as it involves some side effects when Pranayama heat or Kundalini is awakened.

As shown in the above chakra picture.

  • The crown is the highest spiritual point of our body, the soul can enter/leave through this point. Divine energy can enter our being, flow through our body the leave spreading out into the world from this point. Its how a spiritual practitioner can bless the world
  • The third eye is the seat of our soul, we can see what our soul sees by focusing on this point
  • The Heart is where compassion begins and love starts. If we are true to ourselves focusing here will reveal many truths about us, our beliefs and others
  • The solar plexus is the engine of our body, the center of heat and tumo power. Our breathe fuels the fire of life.
  • The lower regions are used by some methods to commence our spiritual journey, they are the center of sensual pleasure when used correctly as per tantric yoga rituals.

Benefits & Advantages      

Issues to be aware of

Our breathe is of the body, by the body and for the body. It heals and restores vital life force helping

  • Healing and wellness
  • Respiratory system (lungs)
  • Nervous system (spinal cord)
  • Brain (extra oxygen and vitality enhances IQ and responsiveness)

The flow of Pranic energy also restores imbalances such as

  • Clears blockages due to old emotions, such as letting go of past issue
  • Invigorates our cells causing rejuvenation
  • Awakens our spiritual nature
  • Improves our aura & psychic abilities
  • Uplifts our consciousness

It can also contribute to awakening key spiritual forces

  • Awaken tumo heat and thus
  • Awaken kundalini which provides
  • A level of enlightenment
  • Tumo heat (or prana tapa) can have side effect, before trying you must have the guidance of a master in this field. It can cause severe imbalances within the body. Before trying, you must be in control of inhalation, retention, exhalation and with the locks and the actions of the mudras in order to control the fire within.
  • Our lower regions may also activate, resulting in more sexual desire. This method works well with Tantric Yoga.
  • Breathe is physical, our soul is spiritual. So breath can only take us to a certain level. In the spiritual realm, there are many kingdoms. Most exist above any sort of form, so this method can liberate us from karma but cannot elevate us from form and eventual rebirth. It cannot free us and make us merge back with our divine creator. To do that, we need a method which focuses on the highest chakra (crown or third eye is also ok), contemplating on God almighty and ignoring the body completely.  


Kundalini Yoga

After practicing Pranayama and obtaining some activation, a practitioner can then proceed further to awaken the spiritual coiled serpent at the base of our spine, called Kundalini (also known as a storehouse of creative and spiritual energy). Prana could be considered like a car, Kundalini like a Bus or Train…similar but much more powerful, and more dangerous. Perhaps the main difference is in the practitioner, what they focus on and how much effort is used.

Please read the section above on Pranayama for more information.

Note: Awakening Kundalini without a real master can be very uncomfortable

The fundamental method to awaken Kundalini varies based on which master or method you take. Some merge the prana/apana heat, some by the Gurus’ grace, some with very physical exercises and some, mostly with the higher methods which focus on the soul, it awakens automatically as a by-product of spiritual practice. We recommend the latter. To try to focus on it can take a considerable time, with limited results.

If you feel a sensation up your spine and sense of detachment/alienation from the world, then your Kundalini has started to awaken.  What will follow is bliss and self-awareness. You will still have emotions, but behind them will always be a state of deep knowing.