What is meditation

Aum or Om symbol represents meditation. What is meditation.

Aum or Om represents the root mantra of all mantra, the original primordial creative sound of the universe. Its the symbol of Meditation.

What is meditation

When we focus with intent on any subject so well that other thoughts are reduced or eliminated – that’s what is meditation.

When we die daily (to leave the body and return to Heaven during deep concentration or samadhi) – that’s what is meditation.

People meditate on all sorts of things such as money, property, career, women, or what others have. Since we are spiritually minded, lets take the same intent and focus it on something higher; spiritual meditation.

Meditation is any form of spiritual practice or technique to achieve inner peace by quieting our monkey mind (this spiritual analogy is used since monkeys like to jump from branch to branch, just like our mind; jumps all over the world, past, future and everything in-between).

The primary objective of meditation or why we meditate spiritually is because of the following. For a complete list, see here.

  • Meditation calms the mind creating a greater amount of alpha brain waves (young children naturally have alpha waves, even when playing or learning. That’s why they are considered like a sponge…absorb things quickly) giving us serenity, greater learning abilities and intuitive skills.
  • Meditation has countless health benefits also including reducing stress, stabilizing blood pressure and bringing the mind into balance.
  • Meditation reduces mind-activity and takes us closer to our true-self, the soul and ultimately to God.
  • Meditation gives us wisdom and the energy needed to continue living in this world.

A greater purpose of meditation is to reconnect us with our soul, this requires concentrating at a point within (often called the seat of the soul) to go beyond the body and mind to where our soul resides. To achieve this requires we enter the Samadhi state; which is safer when taught by a living master as we must know what to do when we encounter obstacles, and have an inner guide to help us when in trouble.

There are so many types of meditation, look around or want to know how to meditate, see here! You can try recitations, chanting, focusing on a candle to deep Samadhi based techniques or even breath control. We list a few types on our site (see menu-bar under methods). It’s generally recognized that everything we do fully focused (even cleaning the house) is also a form of meditation because it pacifies the mind. All deliver some bliss depending on your concentration and readiness.

Some methods can be learned from books or guided tapes, others need a real living master. The result will be different of course; basically we get out what we put in. The greater the longing, the more effort we put in, the more we sacrifice and strive; then the quicker we will get to the point of total surrender and not needing to strive. Seems somewhat paradoxical, but that’s spiritual life,  filled with paradox and oxymoron’s!

Why do some methods need a living master and others not? It depends on your journey.

Hopefully by now you know what is meditation, you may also be interested in why do we meditate, the benefits and of course, how to meditate