What is Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment - To be of the Light, in total calrity

Total clarity means to be in the light


What is Enlightenment

What is en-lighten-ment? A state of mental clarity when we can see the big picture, that our physical, astral and Heavenly bodies and are in direct two-way contact with the divine; or more specially, to be free of the mind and the illusion of separation, of the Maya. It’s when we know who we really are, the true goal of life and of spiritual practice. It’s when we know we and God are one.

What is enlightenment? To be en-lighten means when our light is switched-on, to be of the light, a beacon of light, a guiding light. Many things may happen to us during enlightenment,  we may see all things connected, we may see nothing but light, or we may see nothing but know everything. There are many levels of enlightenment, the smaller one can be considered like partial awakening where we have some, but not total clarity. The big enlightenment unites us with the almighty and reduces our ego down to almost nothing (while we still have a body, we must have some ego in order to work in this word, however the ego becomes our tool instead of us being its slave). When we have no ego then we are one with God. Now you have a good idea of what is enlightenment, but until you become enlightened; it is just theory.

Some say its the souls final destination, but actually we never left God so its more like our final and most complete awakening. A state of complete remembrance of why we choose to forget, why we exist and that all things are perfect just the way they are.

Physical signs of enlightenment

Once fully enlightened we have almost no physical changes. But there are differences

  • our aura or halo is bigger and brighter
  • our face and body may seem younger
  • we may be thinner only because nothing in this worlds appeals to us so much, including food
  • we will have constant bliss and inner peace, but still have human emotions
  • we have no sickness of our own, only what karma we borrow or take from others
  • we will be happy and full of energy, content with everything that comes or does not come
  • we will make others happy and attract many people to us without trying

When does enlightenment happen

That varies with each person,

  • some practitioners remember being partially enlightened in their mother’s womb or as infants
  • for some, they may have an enlightening experience such as a beautiful feeling of oneness with everything or feeling like everybody is God, everyone is perfect and loving
  • for some, when they reach some point in their spiritual practice such as awakening Kundalini or opening their wisdom eye
  • for some, due to the grace of their master uplifting their souls to the place of eternal liberation
  • for some, in deep prayer, sorrow or pain God may appear or we may just ‘wake-up’ (from ignorance)
  • for some, at the time of death or when we die daily (during meditation)
  • for some, when they have reached the highest peak of their spiritual method
  • for great souls destined to be masters, they are born enlightened but not fully awakened until the time is right

How often does enlightenment happen

The small awakenings can happen many times during our lifetime at key points, but the great enlightenment only happens once for each life. Past masters like Buddha had to endure a process to achieve enlightenment each time he was born, but some times were quicker than others. Great masters may choose to come to Earth many times to help sentient beings. For example, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is supposed to be reborn and become the new lama after each birth so his soul has reincarnated 13 times already just as the Dalai Lama.

How can I be enlightened quicker

See here. With spiritual practice, by following a great master and with a rock-solid determination in your chosen path thus making rapid progress on your journey home.