Crystals, crystal energy, crystal healing

Crystals used for Astral travel and telling the future, mind reading


Crystal Energy

What you are about to read on crystals may be a little too far-fetched for some, but it is part of new-age  spirituality so has been included.
Origin of crystals

According to those who have seen Heavenly realms, Crystals and rare gems on Earth are replicas of what exists in the higher dimensions or planets. Since our planet is a shadow copy of the astral Heaven, we also have them here but they are not as pure and not as powerful. Even so, spiritually minded humans have discovered many uses for crystal energy to go beyond the limitations of our physical senses.

Use of crystal energy

On Earth, we use Crystals as an item of value such as jewellery, industrial use (like diamond cutters) or as an investment hedge against inflation. In higher realms, they are used as magnifiers of thought to control technological items and manifest whatever we wish. Esoteric authors have suggested some UFO’s are made from precious stones (some claim spaceships which have crashed on Earth were built using crystal technology).

Crystal energy we have here on Earth (the crystals that are in circulation) can be used for a number of purposes such as :-

  • astral travel
    • When we project ourselves afar in the astral world, we are still fully aware of our new environment even though our consciousness has fully left our physical body. Some people can astral project naturally, while others use the help of quartz crystals to amplifier their own concentration enabling an OBE (out-of-body experience) either in the awake state, via lucid dreaming or deep meditation.  Although this technique has been around for hundreds of years, it is more commonly  associated with the New Age movement.
  • reading the future or seeing into someone’s mind
    • By using the crystal ball to enhance focus and concentration, the seer is put into a sort of trance where they connect within the astral realm or visit the akashic records. They have not left the body, only the awareness is at a place (almost like a library) where they can sense things, see into the future or into the hearts of people.
  • crystal healing
    • The crystal only amplifies the healers own energy to accelerate the healing process of a person. This type of spiritual healing is not recommended – see why here.
  • transmitting crystal energy
    • By sending our thoughts through a crystal, such as from our third-eye chakra, it can more easily reach the destination. To connect to a human is easy as we are all one, but if we want to send a thought to control something; then it may need amplification.
  • dispelling evil or negative energies
    • By wearing certain types of crystals around our neck or wrist, or just carrying them, certain types of negative energy can be kept away. Black Tourmaline shields the wearer from negative, dense energies; it cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Rose quartz converts dark energy to lighter loving positive vibration. Snowflake Obsidian can also help to remove all types of negative energy, keeping the space positively charged…and many more.

Please also read the power of positive loving thought and its effect on crystal energy.