Why doesn’t God fix our world in a mess

Why doesn't God fix our world in a mess

Why doesn’t God fix our world in a mess

God doesn’t fix our world because we made the mess, so  it’s up to us to fix it, to raise our consciousness and grow spiritually; becoming God-like. The mess helps us in many ways, it awakens our nobility just like sickness is a wakeup call if our diet or life-style is bad.

Before we can understand God, we need to know why we are here and who is God.  Once done on those pages, you will probably know the answer to this question without further reading.

Do you remember being in school and being taught a new subject or formula. Often the teacher would teach us by answering part of the solution then ask us to complete it, do remember that?

Well, that’s what God has done as the supreme almighty teacher. We souls are the students. It’s not for teachers to solve the problem because they have passed, or are above it. It’s for the teacher to help the student solve the problem.

So together as human beings, let’s fix this mess that we created.

Why doesn’t God fix our world in a mess? We, collectively and individually, must envisage a world the way we want it, in the most noble idealistic form possible; dream high and think as if you are God (because deep-down you are). When a certain mass of the population (the critical mass) have this dream and focus on it, then it will be. The universe will make it happen through us, because that’s what Gods children want.

But if we live in fear and poverty, and at a deep subconscious level believe it to be our reality; then it will be so. Spiritual practice is to remove old unwanted concepts and recreate ourselves anew every second of every day of our lives. That is how we improve the world, by improving ourselves and sharing positivity and love with our spiritual kin.

Most people say they want a better world but if you listen and observe carefully, it’s just mind dribble. They do not live the dream. Fear of the unknown keeps us bound to what we know and hate.

There is a Chinese proverb “We need to cultivate ourselves, harmonize our families, before we can govern the country and bring peace to the world”.  In the west we say take responsibility for our own lives, look at our own rubbish, before looking over the neighbors’ fence.”

We are masters in waiting, God waits for us to get out of our comfort zone and master ourselves. After all, we are a chip off the old block; we can do what our parents have done. We have been given all the tools needed, we were born with them. By turning back to our dignified nobility we can graduate from our education and glorify our creator.

The problems in the world can be seen as a blessing in disguise, like manure on plants; allowing them to thrive.Or as JFK meant to say, “Ask not what God can do for you, ask what you can do for God”

Why doesn’t God fix our world in a mess? That you must know by now, but here is something else. Our world is in pain with so much suffering and the reason is similar, a blessing in disguise. There is always a reason why bad things happen.