How do we grow

How do we grow ourselves spiritually

Growth is not always visible, our foundation is key


How do we grow ourselves spiritually?


A child will grow physically into an adult just by eating a little each day; without fail. An adult can grow spiritually just be feeding on divine source daily; without fail.  All souls are in a state of growth, from one level of consciousness to another, sometimes it must regress for short periods but the direction is always up! Growth will be sure, steady and solid with a deepening foundation and raised awareness. 


What is growth?

Spiritual growth refers to changes we go through as we evolve into a higher consciousness being. Each person walks a path of self-awareness at their own pace and capacity. Along the path they undergo change within themselves, and sometimes externally also. The changes may only be visible to people close to them, or perhaps only during meditation or subtle changes in their behaviour.

These changes occur at junctions where key decisions have been made or life-changing events have occurred; perhaps such as starting Yoga or to meditate, sickness, relationship breakup, Ageing or some sort of self discovery.

Everyone has the potential to grow, is doesn’t matter whether you’re an atheist or Yogi. Growth is about internal change causing a upliftment in our thinking or perhaps an expansion of our awareness. It’s not directly related to God consciousness. Most of our growth is internal, we could be God-like but others would not know it, to them we may appear as mere mortals.


Why do we need to grow?

We don’t, but its an automated process we cannot stop. It’s part of evolution, our progress in the wheel of life. We could ignore change and continue as is, but it would take more effort as you would be in denial of the new you. Every second we are recreating ourselves anew; mostly in the same image. So when real change comes, embrace it, welcome it and you will see the benefits in your life.

The statistics say 80 percent of success in work is dealing with people. So if we improve our personality, surely that would cause more success at work and life – right?

What type of change will growth cause?

That will be different for each person. Some become more creative, more feminine, more confident and stronger, more compassionate, more loving, more talented, more humane, more happy, less anger, less frustration, less depression, less attached, etc, etc… When the change does come, you may not even know. But people around will notice it and then they will change their behaviour towards you. We call this the mirror effect, we reflect what we are being and it comes back to us.

As we grow, our vibration will change and we will attract different things into our life. If we uplift ourselves, more positivity will come to us. This law of attraction will keep us on the road of change because we will experience the benefits and we will like it.

So how do we grow? Slowly, surely and with little effort. Or as quick as we wish; it all depends on us