Can quantum physics Prove God

Can quantum physics Prove God?

The parallels between quantum physics and spirituality.

It appears Scientists now can begin to understand God from the behaviour of sub-atomic particles or quantum physics, including the illusive God particle (The Higgs’ boson, or so-called god particle, is a quark (a sub-atomic particle) in a long parade of quarks).

So, can quantum physics Prove God? Peter Baksa, the author of ‘The Point of Power’ explains how we now interact with God (or the universe) through our thoughts. In this article by Alex Paterson, he goes further about the thought-God connection and how scientific theories of connectivity now are in-line with esoteric “oneness” with the creator or God.

In this intriguing article, Amit Goswami continues along the same lines talking in more detail about “the observer” effect or how its appears something must be watching in order for events to occur. If we close our eyes who is to say anything happens? The observer in scientific terms is the universe, in spiritual terms, it is God almighty acting both directly and indirectly through the soul, which connects to the mind.

Spiritually speaking, nothing actually exists because in the beginning there was only God but existing in dimensions we cannot fathom. When God wanted to experience God, the universe was created as an illusion, and the grand illusion of separation was in-acted so us souls could play individual roles. So, if it’s all an illusion then it’s all happening in our mind and nowhere else.

What a bizarre concept, but given what God is, it is very plausible.

In meditation terminology, the silent observer is the mind observing itself, sort of. We humans talk, think, laugh, cry, achieve, fail, walk and inspire for greatness. All the while we think its us who is the do-er. Gurus will say no, God is the ultimate doer of everything. The same concept is mentioned in most religions also. But how does this work?

Our karma makes us do what we do, and the mind makes the karma happen by telling the body what to do.

During meditation we try to quieten the mind so we can see the silent observer; what is watching (or more correctly, experiencing) behind the mind. Is it us, is it God or is it our soul? Yes, yes and yes. We are God, in part. So the silent observer witnesses creation through us.

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