What is awakening | What is awareness

What is Awakening Or Awarenes, the process of enlightenment

Our Awakening begins when the light within makes us aware of God


What is awakening, What is awareness – enlightenment?

What is awakening or awareness, they are similar to enlightenment or self-realization; an opening of our consciousness so we see things differently, from a more spiritual perspective.  Its something we already have, in our grasps – but we’ve lost sight of it; almost forgotten where or what it is. Spiritual practice is the process of re-discovering who we are and what treasures God has empowered us with. When the light within is switched on, we begin our journey towards awareness of God; we become awakened.

Enlightenment or awakening has many levels of awareness, to try to explain in more physical ways lets use an example of two people. One on the street called steve and one walking up the stairs of a 50-storey building called Bud.  At first on ground level, Steve and Bud see the same things, talk the same language and have no issues communicating, they are at the same level (of consciousness) so little misunderstanding.

Bud starts his climb, talking to Steve on his mobile phone as he makes progress up the stairway, on his journey to the top. After a few flows, Bud tells Steve he can see the roof top of buildings and a different perspective of the city, Steve can understand this at an intellectual level and wishes he could also see what Bud sees. Bud continues, seeing more and more the city in a different light. He reaches half way and notices the trees and parks all around the city. He tells Steve but Steve argues, saying what! I can’t see any trees, where are they, where are the parks, all I can see are buildings?

Bud tells Steve where to look, how far to walk, and sure enough Steve finds the trees and develops faith in Bud’s new vision.  Its been a while since Bud started the climb, so Steve has forgotten (a little for the sake of simplifying this story) what Bud is doing. Bud continues, he is now on top of the city, sees people as dots and the ocean in the distance. He tells Steve about the Sun, the ocean and the beautiful vista. Now Steve gets angry, argues with Bud because where he is the sun has set, he is in darkness. He has never seen the ocean, how is it possible Bud can see it. Now they argue about what each sees and what is real. Their reality is different, they views are different. What they see is different, but both are right.

Our spiritual journey is like that; if two people do not follow the same path they will see different things and understand life in a different way so can cause friction in a relationship. Enlightenment is about slow progress in consciousness, like walking up the stairs, each day seeing more and more of the truth until one day we see the whole truth. We are in the light, no longer in darkness.

What we see was always there, we have not gained anything. We have simply raised our level, or consciousness high enough, to see things clearer according to where we are. There are small enlightenments, temporary ones and nirvana which is more permanent. As we climb the spiritual ladder, our understanding or awareness changes and the way we interact also changes because we see more of creation. We no longer are restricted to the small self, but have access to the whole; we have awakened. Like Bud, now has the whole ocean, the whole world to see..not just one street. That’ what is awakening. That’s what is awareness.

Some people have enlightening experiences such as a divine oneness with everything, they may see all things are pure light with no form, or may experience nature and animals as part of themselves. In may occur in many ways, but unless we practice well we cannot maintain these spiritual blessings. Only with daily practice can we remove the veil of darkness and be in the light, which is the essence of spiritual practice.

Some methods are like taking the elevator up the building, some like walking up the stairs and some like staring up outside but never going in to begin the climb. Each person needs to decide what method is best for them.