Karma of food (spiritual cost)

Karma-Food-pyramid, spiritual cost of food

Everything in life including food has a spiritual cost, creates karma or costs merit



Karma of food (spiritual cost)

One of the funny things in this world is the boon the lord of karma has to trap the Children of God. Everything we do has a cost, everything we consume has a cost, absolutely everything is recorded, and by ourselves. God almighty is not a business, God is only pure love. But the angels delegated to look after us run the universe by a set of rules, one of which is called karma.

The cost (karma of food) is not financial in terms of our assets but a far greater form of wealth, its our spiritual attainment or merit. If we leave this world with a positive spiritual bank account, we will be reborn with more blessing. If we die in the red, then we need to repay our debt at some stage.

To earn spiritual money is easy, just do some spiritual practice or good deeds. Some methods earn more than others, but that’s part of our journey. In addition, sharing, giving, helping others all help our spiritual bottom line.

Unfortunately spending from our spiritual bank account is even easier than earning. When we break the moral codes of life (like the precepts most religions recommended), hurt others (including animals by eating them) or when we work against the positive force.

Karma of food. Consuming food has a cost based on the consciousness of what we are consuming. The cost for a plant is extremely small, but the cost of eating beef is high. A plant has low consciousness due to its water-based constitution and thus does not feel so much pain, also its lifespan is short. Cows (in India for example) are known as the mother of the nation and considered sacred, they are very giving animals willing to help humanity so have higher consciousness and a longer lifespan.

Some people say its good to eat animals because it helps them, and that is true (to some extent). Yes, they get some of our attainment so it does help them; perhaps even elevate them one level closer to human standard. But it’s not good for us because we must pay for each and every morsel we consume. You if eat a chocolate bar with 1 gram of gelatine inside it, the whole animal had to be killed for it. So over a lifetime humans consume so many beings that the burden causes them to regress. Each yeah some 60 Billion animals are killed and over 120 Million tons of fish (1996 statistics). That’s a lot of suffering, a lot of karma of food, for the world and its citizens to share.

It’s not for us to tell you what to eat, you need to put yourself in the place of whatever you are eating and try to feel what it feels. Be grateful for what it has sacrificed for your benefit.  If you are on the spiritual path, it makes common sense to seek light foods that do not weigh down the soul with karmic burden. That’s why so many religions and methods recommend the vegetarian-diet.

There is a common and catchy saying going around the internet, “Peace, it begins on our plate”. Are you willing to pay the karma of food?