What is the purpose of life, my life mission

What-is-the-purpose-of-life, my life mission? To-live-life-whole-heartedly

What is the purpose of life, my life mission

Our life mission is to live the life we are now living, but wholeheartedly with purpose, without complaining and when ready; to add divine-meaning to life by developing ourselves spiritually. Please read the meaning of life first. Once we understand who God is and why we were created, then to understand what is the purpose of life is very simple. We can even understand who will help us to achieve our mission!

What you are doing right now is your purpose and what you will do in the future is your destiny; part of your mission. God puts us exactly where we should be, sometimes we may feel itchy and need to move on, it’s because the time has come to grow and experience something else. We can use our minds to create a life, or we can surrender and let things just come into our life. The latter is much easier and feels more natural as we do not fight the universe, we surrender to God’s will just like Emerson who said “A great burden falls from our shoulders when we let God run the universe”.

Heaven does not care what we are. Male, female, black, white, gay, rich, poor, crazy, genius, stupid, good, righteous, spiritual, evil or just ignorant. We are all playing our own small roles in the Universal play. Each role is fake (actually the whole thing is fake), that’s why is does not matter. After the play is over, we return to the real state, the real us, that is the soul; the part of us closest to God. But even though the whole thing is fake (the correct spiritual term is the illusion) it is still important in a way, because we define its important. How we do things determines its important, that why we must be whole-hearted in life.

Depending on our level of consciousness and what is our purpose of life , Heaven will allocate a certain number of angels to help. Some may be in the form of people we know or make contact with, others are invisible. They help to smooth things out, some even help to protect us from forces which want to pull us away. Everyone that comes into our lives has something for us, so in a way everyone is an angel. Some of what they bring may seem bad, but there is a reason why bad things happen.

What we are doing may seem mundane, may seem like it’s just our karma we must endure. That’s only because we are judging too much, life itself is great, and what you experience, even something for 1 second, can help to define God. That my friend is what is the purpose of life; the true meaning of all life.