How do you find happiness

How do you/I find happiness in life

Happiness is a state of be-ing, not thinking not doing. Anything can make us happy when we know how.

How do you find happiness in life and relationships

Have a read of what is happiness first! How do you find happiness? Just be happy, even pretend to be happy, force yourself to be happy until the mind accepts that’s what you really want. It takes more effort not to be happy, than to be happy (even more muscle’s in our face to frown than to smile) because happiness is our original child-like true nature; just look at young children then are always happy just being in a state of be-ing; they were born happy but learnt not to be happy due to life’s overwhelming issues and responsibilities. So reverse the negative learning, unlearn and go back to being a child, go back to your original Godlike (or childlike) nature. Then you will always and in all ways be happy.

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How do you find happiness? When we connect with the greatest source of Love, then we are forever happy. If we look outside of ourselves for happiness, it will come and go like the wind, temporary pleasure combined with constant pain. Entertainment, drugs or mind altering substances will keep us as slaves because it makes us feel we need something to make us happy; but we don’t. The truth is we need nothing except to know we are being fooled by our own minds.

Talk to yourself, look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth, that you are Okay the way you are; warts and all. God made you perfect and in the image of God, our creator does not make mistakes. You are perfect for your mission here on Earth, maybe different to others and even lacking some skills or looks as compared to others, but perfect nonetheless for what you have to do and achieve.

How do you pretend to be happy or find happiness or make yourself happy?

To break the cycle of depression or sadness, we need to go the other way; maybe even a little extreme in the opposite direction until we find the middle path and are in balance within ourselves. So here are a few ways of how do you find happiness

  • Love yourself, do courses on it. Read books, resolve your issues, do anything so you can love yourself the way you are now. The fastest way is just to accept and be grateful for everything that has happened; good or bad.
  • If you enjoy doing something, then do it more often. It could be listening to positive music, watch a movie, playing sport, etc. Anyway that gives you some emotional well-being. You may even like to try a course in laughter-yoga.
  • Keep busy, don’t give your mind time to think too much or it will keep you in darkness, either in the past or future. By keeping busy we stay in the present moment where the mind does not like. Often patients with severe depression are told to stay home and rest; that is about the worst prescription a doctor could give. Too much idleness will cause thinking. These doctors do give medication to ease the thoughts, but better to just keep busy. Even take up a hobby, clean the house and garden, watch movies, travel…anything uplifting to your spirit.
  • Avoid contact with overly negative persons and places, you may need to change your environment. More color, brighter and revitalising.
  • Look at your diet, what you put into your mouth also has an effect on the state of mind. If you do not love yourself, then it will show. A diet of fresh fruit and vegetables or light meals are best. Try the vegetarian diet if you can, even for a while to see if it makes a difference. Some people are more sensitive so will feel the pain and suffering of animals as they are killed for us.
  • Exercise and take pride in yourself, dress nicely and be proud. These will have a direct impact on your self-esteem. Loving yourself the way you are is best, to get there you may need to embark on a program of self-beautification.

Spiritual practice helps us to unlearn by retraining the mind to be empty and provide us some inner peace. We don’t need to run away or become a monk, we only need to find some type of practice we enjoy. Perhaps yoga, Tai Chi, reading, singing devotional songs/mantra‘s or meditation.

How can we have a good life (without distraction)

We don’t need to practice spiritually to have a good life, but those fortunate souls tend to have very noble qualities, perhaps they had already practised spiritually in previous lives.

What are distractions? Any object, person or desire which occupies our time, wastes our time or keeps us away from doing what is important, according to our primary goals in life. For most people, too much work, bad relationships, obsession with money, fame/name/power, needless technology – all are distractions.

Too much TV, phone or internet are distractions. Friends can be distractions depending on their needs and influence on us. Desire for objects or lust are distractions. Gossiping and talking too much are distractions.

The key to a good life is simplicity and gratefulness. The simpler, the less distractions. The more grateful we are the more contentment and the less desire we will have to complicate life.

Generally speaking, the poor complicate their life with desire for wealth, they are not grateful. The rich may be grateful, but they fear loss so protect their wealth. Their minds and lives are tied to the objects they own. They are attached and are not simple.

So what way is best; the middle path. Have enough for your family, but not involved with the rat race. No looking over the neighbors fence for what other people have or are doing wrong. Just introspect and improve ourselves.

In the olden days, the masters would advise aesthetic lifestyles to avoid complications and debt. In modern times with most people living in cities, this is not possible. So we need to be flexible in our approach to simplicity. Basically, do your best to be simple and let the rest follow.

The world can overwhelm us at times, too many things to think about, to bind us. So much temptation, so much choice and so much to do. It confuses us, makes us follow the masses instead of doing what is right in our hearts. God knows this, Heaven knows it. So when we follow our heart, Heaven rejoices and rewards us.

Hopefully by now you have know how do you find happiness in life and in everything you do. It’ not easy, it takes will power but the results are surely worth it.