The meaning of life | Why are we here | Why were you born

The meaning of life, why are we here, why were you born

Why are we here, what is the meaning of life; simple – be happy!


The meaning of life | Why are we here | Why were you born

Life is so very simple, why? We are here to live life wholeheartedly in whatever manner we wish and thus glorify God by doing so. Our sole person is to take part in God’s play called life, each of us souls doing a little part as best we can, and enjoying it!

Before you can fully understand the meaning of life, please first read what or who is God then return so we can continue with the explanation of why are we here. You see, there is no place in the universe a soul is not willing to go just to have an experience which God seeks. It could be hell, as a beggar, a king, an invalid, a drunk-homeless-man, a war victim, mass murderer, criminal….anything imaginable and not-imaginable. That may sound so bizarre, but when we understand what the soul is and that good cannot be experience without bad, then it makes sense. Without black, white has no meaning. Without a bad guy in a movie, how do we define how good, the good guy is?

Why? Because the soul does not suffer, was never born and cannot die, cannot be injured, does not judge. It exists for one purpose only, to feel the experience of life and as far as its concerned; the more extreme the better. The soul attaches itself to our minds for the joy of experiencing life, and to experience what God is not so as to know what God is.

It’s the mind that reincarnates and remembers past lives. Our life, the “I” that we attach to so much, is just a flash in the total lifespan of the soul.

So the meaning of life is to live life as best we can. Why are we here, to live life whole-hearty with deep gratitude for the opportunity and to know God by the experience of life. If we want to know our mission in the grand scheme of things, then we need to practice spiritually (meditation is the fastest way) to find out. Mostly, our mission is very simple, like to be a normal householder or worker, to be pawns on the chess-table. If you visit a fortune-teller and they say you were a queen or king in a past life and have great purpose now; be sceptical.

To explain this concept a little better, here is a true story of a lawyer that did pro-bon0 work for the destitute and unfortunate. This story involves a female lawyer and homeless man who slept in the park after getting drunk on methylated spirits overnight.

Why were you born? Originally in Heaven, it started as two equal souls wanting to help other experience something for God, so both decided to play in the game of life. They made a contract with the lord of karma and entered the world. After many lifetimes, they finally met for their final mission.

The lawyer went through law school with high integrity, with a noble purpose to help others. She was alone in her ideals as most were there to make a name, earn a fortune and have an easy life. Temptation came often, but as difficult as it was she resisted and stayed firm on her plan to help others.

Eventually she got a job and had to drive to work past a park every day. In the park she could see a drunk homeless man, always on the same bench. Every time she saw him it triggered a memory deep within her being  causing her to remember her original ideals and thus, enabling her to continue to help others. The drunk inspired her to help, she felt pity or sorry for him. She wanted to change the world to make it better not only for him but all those who suffer.

So, in this case we see two souls’ and two missions. They look worlds apart, but are the same. God would not think the lawyer was better than the drunk, actually, the role of the drunk was more difficult. The soul of the drunk must have incarnated many times to have the karma of a homeless drunk; just to inspire the lawyer. The lawyer, by being a champion of the underprivileged is demonstrating a quality of God. But without people in need, and without being inspired and feeling the emotion of pain from seeing the homeless, how would God get to experience being a champion?

Another real-life demonstration of how one person, a nobody, can touch the lives of so many is here. Such a life truly glorifies God and explains why are we here; to help each other. To teach each other, and to experience God through each other.