About you

finding our lost treasure is about finding ourselves


You are just like us, on the adventure of our lifetime, a path to discover something precious we’ve misplaced (not lost), just need to search a little daily until found. After all, a child who eats every day will surely reach adulthood, right?

So, it’s the same about you. Practice your chosen method with all intend, due diligence and faith; then surely one day you will reap real reward. It not only takes a great university and teacher to produce results, the student must also make an effort and be of a certain standard!

When the student does what the teacher says and follows the rules of the school then graduation is assured; its as simple as that! You also control the speed and level of attainment. The more effort you put into your method, the more you strive, then the quicker you will reach your target. The more proficient you are at your method (also known as sincerity) then the higher the grading.

In the Christian bible it says “In my Father’s house are many mansions“, also in the Buddhist sutras it mentions many types of Heavens or Lands. Commonly, we talk about many Heavens like the 7th Heaven etc.  These references all refer to levels of attainment upon Death, where “we” go to a place which best represents our consciousness. From there, we may sojourn for a while before returning or continue to advance until we reach where ever it is our soul belongs. The “we” in this respect is not the body, not the “I”. It is either the mind attached to the soul if our attainment is less than the Bodhi level, or its the soul. In the higher realms, there is no mind, just soul.
Now the question you need to ask is not what God can do for you, but what are you willing to do to have God do things for you. A relationship with God is two-way, prayer alone without taking a few steps (even baby ones) does not work so well. If it need all the religious people would be in bliss.


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