Astral Projection | Astral Travel

Living in a world of dreams, astral projection or astral travel

Through concentration we can astral project ourselves elsewhere but still be connected to the body by a silver chord

Astral projection or Astral travel is  also known as living in a world of dreams, mostly because many of us actually astral travel naturally during our sleep when we dream. Some people practice a method enabling them to leave their body (like an out-of-the-body experience) and go to wherever they wish using thought; they project themselves within the astral place – a lower form of astral travel.

Crystals can also be used to help with out-of-the-body experiences.



A higher method of astral projection/astral travel is to meditate, leave the body going through the tunnel of life & death, then travel with the soul to higher realms in the astral plane; which consists of many heavenly planets. Some of these worlds have been mentioned by Buddha‘s disciples and recorded in the Buddhist Sutra’s (refer to Amitabha Sutra and the Pure Land School of Buddhism or search Buddhist cosmology). It may be difficult for most people to believe, and it’s not the intention of this site to prove the existence of other realms. It’s just a statement, you may do some research on the web and look for proof of others travelling to higher planes.

Some out-of-body experiences have been written in book form, but they also are not like travelling with the soul; although the feeling we get when in another place is very similar – total bliss.

One important note on leaving the body. If you don’t have a master to look after it while you are away, astral or hell beings can enter then disturb you when you return. This is how some people become possessed by so-called evil spirits, especially if they are not pure when leaving the body. If you have a master who can help you on the inside and you also follow strict karmic guidelines, then you are very safe. Otherwise, this type of method is not recommended (see more here)

What happens after astral travel? As with most spiritual methods, we more the practise the higher we become and our awareness expands. By experiencing other realms we will of course have proof of what is after death, of God and that we are much more than the body. Through deep meditation we shall start to become enlightened and know more and more about the truth every day.