How to find inner peace and happiness


Please read the meaning of inner peace before continuing, once you understand what it is, then it’s just a matter of finding it!

Now that you know what inner peace is, let’s explain how to find inner peace and happiness with practical techniques to achieve it.

Happiness and sadness come and go like the waves of an ocean, many things can make us happy. We can even follow a method to promote happiness in life such as laughter-yoga but because this world is yin-yang (positive & negative), sadness will always follow happiness and then the cycle commences again. If you look carefully at your own life, or the lives of people you know. You will see that the happiness is temporary, or happy times seem to past very fast. But the unhappy moments in life seem to drag on somewhat.

Why? Because happiness and sadness are emotions at the level of the mind. It’s like we are identifying with the waves of the ocean instead of the ocean itself.

If we follow a path and go above the mind, then we always have bliss and mostly happiness in life. Inner peace from spiritual practice takes us beyond the mind, beyond emotions and thus beyond the temporary nature of mundane living.

Many of the most common and practical methods used to obtain inner peace (and thus happiness) are listed here, you may also look at the section on concentration as they are similar techniques.

How to find inner peace and happiness? By controlling the mind; it is the only way. Control it firmly (not hate it like it is an enemy), and befriend it then slowly but surely make it an ally which listens to your every command. Even masters have mind chatter after they have become enlightened, it is very natural. But they do not listen to the mind and they can switch it off at will, especially as the mind dribble does not come from them. When we (mere-mortals) have mind-chatter, we identify with it, feed it and continue with it. It becomes like a lucid-dream which we create and seems so real at the time we are having it. But later, the realize we were cheated once more.

Through meditation we learn not to listen to the mind, we learn not to feed it with more negative energy which empowers it. We learn to surrender and ignore. If someone is angry and you are also angry, then there will be fire. If one person is calm, stays calm and shows it. The other angry person will eventually calm down because they are not getting a reaction. The mind is like that, it wants us to react to believe it is real. If we do not react it fears that we will know the truth; that the mind is not real; it is just a tool of separation to keep us from knowing who we really are.

When we know the truth of who we really are (deeply know) then we are at peace.