Relationship sex

Relationships and Sex

Without love, relationship sex can leave us more empty. Real love promotes understand and orgasmic bliss.


Spirituality and Relationship Sex


Yes please! Just joking. This is one topic which we all like to read but most of us know it’s all over-rated. Sex serves no purpose apart from impregnation. However, sacred romance followed by passionate love-making is an enjoyable experience very close to the Samadhi state found in Heaven. Some masters say if the love is real; the experience is second only to the bliss of union with God. So what’s the difference?

You’ve just found your soul mate and had sex; so what now?  What do you do after sex (especially if we don’t smoke)?

If we just have relationship sex, it’s merely sense gratification and lasts for a short time. It will take us lower in thinking because we are doing things for the body and the orgasm (especially males) will cause a loss of vital life force, slowing down spiritual practice. Tantric Yoga was taught by masters to avoid this loss and enhance the sexual experience by concentrating on the intimacy that real love produces.

If we make love within the sanctimony of marriage or a strong relationship, then our intention is different and our chakras open up differently. The union becomes sacred where two bodies merge with a strong desire to please the other more than a need to please oneself. In olden times, masters recommended people to be virgins to enhance the sacredness of love-making.  In modern times, we say the love word a little too easily and change partners a little too often. But the theory still has not changed.


Gay / Homosexuality

If we stick to the principle of focusing on love and not sex; then it’s irrelevant if we have a same gender relationship sex. It’s the love that makes it happen; it’s the love that binds a couple, its love that makes us feel wanted. God doesn’t care about the physical aspect, just your heart and joy.