What is sickness

What is Sickness, karma

To cure sickness we must get to the root cause – karma. Not just apply a band-aid

What is Sickness

Sickness is a result of past karma or a way of life not in harmony with universal law. A dictionary may define what is sickness as physical illness or disease, or a mental state of abnormality. Mostly, it is caused by what we have put into our body/mind, either through the mouth (as food), nose (as air), skin (as pollutants) or mind (as negativity).

We are pure beings trying to be whole. Sickness can only enter us when we are not at ease within ourselves, when our mind/body/spirit is out of balance and when we are mentally weak. Medical science may call this low immunity, stress or just bad-luck one-in-a-hundred type classification; but it goes much deeper than that.

We can weaken our physical and astral body to such an extent that it cannot heal itself, then sickness enters. We weaken it by abusing it, like putting dirty oil into a car instead of petrol (gas). The food we consume, the water we drink and the air we breath make up a significant part of our health.

Followed closely by the complexity of life (how simple or not our lives are), our stress and anxiety from work and family, our environment and the place we live in, whom or what we listen to or read, how attached we are to things or peoples drama.

Everything has an effect on us, perhaps not immediately but over time it will manifest in a physical or emotional way.

The way out-of-sickness is not just removing the immediate illness, we must get to the root-cause of it and remove the original root otherwise it will sprout again like a weed infesting a garden. This is where holistic health can be used in conjunction with more traditional western medicine. By looking at our whole, we are better to see the real cause. The result may not be what the patient wants to hear, it may involve a change in lifestyle, diet or even work & address. At times a detox will help at the beginning to return balance.
What is sickness? Another reason sickness exists is to remind us to return to a more noble path, not necessarily back to God but just in harmony with nature. For example, due to the threat of heart disease we eat less animal based saturated fats, due to the risk of STD’s we are more moral, due to mad cow disease and bird flu we are more aware of factory farming practices.

For some people it’s a personal wake-up call, so they may check themselves and their lives. Perhaps slow down so we can live longer. Sickness is often a blessing in disguise, we just need to look for the reason behind it. There is a reason why bad things happen, why suffering exists.

Have you even heard stories of amputees saying they can still feel their limbs? That’s because it’s still there in the astral body, which is perfect. Our physical body is just a poor copy of our esoteric-astral form. There are even sound therapies which have been shown to regrow damaged fingers. The military have ploughed millions into “regenerative medicine” for war vets. Science uses “tissue regeneration” or stem-cells to regrow tissue.

However we are perfect even when not. It’s a matter of rebuilding our physical-body from either DNA-based or our astral image. Sickness seems real when we are lost in the body, but it does not have to be lasting. Once we’ve paid our karma and learnt our lesson, generally we will find the right cure that works for us.  Prayer will help, especially if we have listened to the warning and changed. Hopefully now you understand what is sickness. The fastest cure is actually to remove it from the mind, but few people have than mental strength to do that. It takes a very strong spiritual practitioner to do that and even then, they most likely would just accept it anyway. Most past-masters like Jesus or Buddha had that power, now Reiki-masters can do something similar but that type of spiritual-healing is temporary and not recommended.