Children of God

We are all children of God playing in Gods masterpiece production

We are all children of God playing in Gods masterpiece production called life

How to prove we are united, that we are really from God ; the children of God from Heaven.

Scientifically speaking, we are only just starting to understand and prove we are connected and multi-dimensional beings. Behavioural science has experimented on mice, showing one mice a task, then without seeing what was shown, the others could do the same task which previously they could not. Similar experiments have been carried out with animals scattered around the world; proving how they are mentally connected. You may search and read the work of the following scientists if you want more detail (Dr. Melvin Morse, John Hagelin, Ph.D, Gregg Braden, to name just a few). These only scratch at the surface of connectivity. So if animals or rodents are capable of this form of connectivity, what about us humans, the so called children of God?

Look at your own family; have you seen mothers with their new-bornss? Or parents and their children. Have you noticed how some mothers know what their infant or child wants without looking, hearing or touching – just by sensing? How is this possible without being connected?  If we accept a mother and child can have a connection, then why not all of us, we have the same parent after all (at the soul level).  There are countless studies including videos of a mum reacting while sleeping to care for her child – automatic response. How is this possible?

Finally, have you entered into a room looked at a person only to find that person turning their head and looking right back at you? How is that possible if we are not invisibly connected in some way? You may say a feeling of oneness or just in-tune. Whatever the word, we as children of God siblings, we have a natural connection. We are one, within.

How to prove we are from God – first read what is God. To prove this is also easy, we use the same creative energy as God. Have you heard of the laws of success or law of attraction, how what we think about and want at a deep level will come to us. This creative force is God in action. Check out the work done by Masaru Emoto, revolutionary in understanding the power of thought and speech. How we create our reality using our mind. Just like God did to create the universe.

Dr. Melvin Morse has researched near death experiences from children. Revered by colleagues for his studies, he has discovered the interconnectedness of people, past present and future. Not only how we are connected but also how; through a divine connection and feeling of oneness. Science will not say we are from God; that is too abstract. It will however say there is something bigger than the individual which includes the individual or is the sum of individuals.

For an atheist the world is full of proof that God does not exist. For a spiritual practitioner, everyday we live in eternal gratitude of divine creation and of our relationship with the Supreme Being.

Only a jeweller can appreciate the beauty of an unpolished stone. Only a romantic can understand the depth of love poems. Only someone looking sincerely for the truth will find it. Our treasure is within, once we turn our attention to the right direction, it will be so easy to see. If we turn our backs on it, then regardless of how hard we try it will be impossible to see!

In the Christian bible it says something like do not feed pearls to swine. This means it’s no point trying to feed the beauty and wisdom of sages to those not ready to accept it. But for those of us who are fully ready or almost ready, the knowledge of how to find God will be more valuable than any worldly treasure, as the bounty from spiritual practice is all we can take when we leave our mortal body. As the children of God it is our duty to pass that knowledge on, to our siblings as they come of age.