What is God | Who is God | Who made God

What is God | Who is God | Who made God

We came from God, We return to God. In fact we NEVER left God. God is Light, Pure Divine Infinite Light Manifesting as Unconditional and Absolute Love.

What is God or Who is God, and Who made God

Have you searched the internet for this question to find an answer? It’s a common question, seems like everyone wants to know. Fortunately it is also easy to answer; perhaps harder to believe. Want to know who is God, then go take a look at the mirror – that’s God. Want to know what is God, look outside your window – that’s God. Look up at the Heavens – that’s God. Who made God then – God made God, well not made since Gods abode is multi-dimensional and our language cannot explain it. So who – or more appropriately – what is God?

Everything is God, there is nothing that is not God. Confused?


Let’s start at the beginning and in a very simplistic manner, way back to before duality. Well, that statement makes sense but is wrong…because time does not exist in the first place. So, in the beginning (which happens to also be every point in time) God wanted to know God through experience instead of just theory. What’s the point of being a good for nothing God (like being rich without giving, having love without showing it, etc).

To know God, God had to experience what God was not. For example what is black without white, woman without man, day without night, good without evil……but hang on, experience what exactly? Nothing is physical in the absolute so there cannot be any experience. So, the illusion was created….where God (the one and only soul) created the relative spiritual universe (let’s say the big bang) and individual souls to populate it.
Each soul seems unique but only due to the power of separation within the illusion. The whole thing is like a dream, it’s why we have the urge to find something missing…we are more than the body, more than the soul. We are God in part, waiting to be reunited. In the illusion we have time, but actually time does not exist in Gods realm; the absolute. So everything God wanted was/is/will-be experienced immediately.
For example, if you drive from L.A. to New York; you are moving across a stretch of road and will experience each point as you come to it. But the road is there, even before you start, just your perception is different as you move along it. So all of creation (the illusion) is like a long road. We are just moving along with our awareness fixed at one point at a time.

If you are an avid reader, you would know many masters say nothing in this world is real, just make-believe. It’s all an illusion, and they are right. It’s just a stage for us to experience some quality of God (like fear, strength, love, hatred, etc). And in the grand play of life we glorify the master director, the creator; the existence of God; and of ourselves. Now you know what is God; everything. Who is God, you and everything else. There leaves one questions, who made God.

So what came before God and who made the thing before God – nothing! And in the nothing was everything. Now this answer is more difficult to understand because the brain likes to limit or quantify things, God is limitless so how to explain that? Lets try.

Who made God? Imagine the greatest love on Earth, perhaps you know a person like that. Perhaps its between your child, spouse or mother? Now quantify that love, explain it? So you say, Oh my mom would do anything for me, my spouse loves me to the end of time. etc…Do these statements explain the love, or can this love only be experienced and felt by you in a form of deep-knowing. Right, get it now? God is the highest, purest form of Divine Love and Intelligence which has ZERO PERCENT matter or anti-matter. It just is, without a beginning, without an end. The Alpha and Omega, the absolute. The everything. In dimensions we have never explored or even can think about. So in these dimensions the divine power just is, limiting words like “made” do not exist. Our world was made so the word “made” has meaning.

What does God look like? Nothing. But when this power is born human  or “made flesh”. It takes the form of a living being, such as Buddha, Jesus, you or I.

There have been countless instances of God made flesh housing the entire God-consciousness. God is not so poor to have only one son (Jesus) and not so cruel to only save one race of people during one period of history. Some of many masters (sons and daughters of God) whom have graced our world can be seen here.

So now do you know what is God? Who is God? And Who made God? Perhaps huh, need time to be digested. Actually, to experience it yourself through spiritual practice is the best.

What is all this complicated God stuff for anyway? Read the meaning of life.