Living on Light

Breatharian or living on light, living on prana

We are made from ‘the light’ (sound vibration or word of God), so its only natural we can be replenished by the light

Breatharianism/ Inedia – Living on Prana, Living on Light


To live on light and Love alone (no food or water) is the ultimate in spiritual nutrition for a spiritual practitioner; using the universal life-sustaining force called prahna. Science has never explained how this is possible, but several breatharians have been tested for long periods under strict environments (like Prahlad Jani); they were found not to lose weight, needed little sleep and always be full of energy.

How is living on light possible? To first understand how we could achieve such a state we must first know whence we came from; our original light-based bodies, please read here. This process simply returns us back to what we came from. It is nothing new.

Many fakes have also been discovered thus tarnishing the image of this method. The technique is the birthright of every human, yet very few are able to do it. You must be shown the path by your inner guide, it’s not for everyone even though we are all capable to achieve it. A few people have died from the method, and needless to say there are many more sceptics than believers.

Some types of breatharians consume nothing physical, some take water (waterians or those doing long fasts) and some feed on sunlight (see here).

This area of spirituality requires a living guide as there can be many dangerous side effects, we suggest you search the web if you are interested. The most typical method is known as the 21 day system.

The process for most of the methods are something like this

  • Strict preparation, cleansing (detox) and exercise are essential prior to starting
  • Lots of research to know what happens, what to do and who to ask
  • In-depth understanding of what it is you are undertaking
  • Develop Self discipline(or willpower) and strong faith that we are much more than the body; and that Light and love alone can sustain us.
  • Purify your body a couple of weeks prior to starting with a raw diet, lots of fresh juice and exercise
  • Tell the least number of people possible
  • Make sure you have a teacher to help you, and a friend to call if needed
  • Once read and well prepared, then do it – can continue to work during the process at home but nothing too physical.
  • Best to avoid contact with others altogether because their thinking (or concepts) will make it more difficult for you (peer pressure within)
  • This process may take you on the verge of death, if you have any fear then pray.
  • If you don’t feel good then have juice and go back to eating, see a doctor if needed. Slowly go back to solids, juice, raw and soups for a few days.
  • Exercise is essential once you’ve passed the 21 day mark (why 21 days, its the time needed for the body to form a new habit) otherwise you may continue to loose weight

What is happening during the process – your cells, dna, flesh, every part of you is being de-programmed, unlearning. Then new information is re-programmed into your being telling it how to live on light. Some cosmic change, one can say divine blessing, takes place – but cannot be seen by doctors. Your vibration will have changed, this can be seen by some psychic people or kirlian photography. Your thinking changes and your spirituality is quickened.

Examples of people living on light

Here are a few people who have followed their own paths and become breatharians. Their videos and stories are available on the internet.

  • Jericho (now Genesis) Sunfire
  • Elitom ben Yisrael

  • Oberom C. Silva

  • Camila Castillos and Akahi