Poems about God

Spiritual Poems

As we make progress many latent talents are awaken. Creativity is essential to balance the logical mind. Here are a few spiritually inspired poems about God from members – enjoy!

Divinely inspirational poetry during the journey of life

Divine is our name, the divine is whence we came, divinity is what we are, and divining is our true destiny.

We are united within the inner sanctum of the most high, by heavenly goodness and the sacred love that binds us, a joy that fills us and a life that fulfills us.

So just who am I?

I am you – in another form, on life’s journey of joy and laughter.
Our lives may differ, our homes apart, but rest assured our souls are merged.
Its not by chance that you have found us here, the reason though is only for you to see.
Perhaps we share things alike, in ways that touch a bleeding heart.
Poems herewith, are just my thoughts I gleefully share, on my part of our journey of a life so fair. A spiritual discovery of the “I” in I, a quest of enlightenment to heal all scars, and a path of remembrance to know that I, like you, am fine today – and everyday; just the way dad made us to play.

Our father did speak to me, said he did to share my glee. For family all is for free. But I do ask you dear, to support this site in whatever way you feel is right.