What is Suicide

We are not alone, suicide is the cowards way out

Be patient, things will turn around and you will see things differently

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What is suicide and how does it affect our soul

They say suicide is for cowards taking the easy way out. But spiritually speaking, the opposite is true; only a brave soul would defy God and take their own life. When we feel there is no other option, that life is too overwhelming for us, then suicide seems like the easy way out. Besides, who is going to miss us right? No, wrong.

What is suicide? Our universe is made of zillions of souls, one less would hardly make a difference but it does. Because each one represents God almighty, and each one has a purpose in life so if it disappears then all other souls related cannot fulfil their mission. If a watch has 1000 cogs and we remove one, will it make a difference? Sure the mission may be minor, but to build a building take millions of bricks. Who is to say one is not important.
We suffer in this world because of our karma. For some people its physical suffering, for some its emotional, for some financial, for some not being able to cope, and for some just not being loved or wanted; an outcast. Regardless of the reason, it’s just karma;  it will pass once we endure it. So what is suicide; just an impatient lack of understanding, an unwillingness to ride out the bad times or a strong feeling of hopelessness.
God does not allow us to run away from our karma (or test) in life, so suicide only makes our test tougher next time around; and due to the thoughts we have at the time of death, while waiting for a human body we will suffer even more in a sort of hospital for the sick which some religions call hell. Knowing this, we would need to be very brave to skip our test. Better just to put up with it until it finishes and do our best to bear the suffering.
Even we fail the test it is OK, but we cannot skip it. All that is asked of us is to try our best because God knows how difficult living in this world is. Pray when needed, but don’t end life just because the mind fools us into thinking there is no way out.
There is, there always is a way out of the current situation; we just need to be patient and understand what is suicide and its effect. But before we can see the light we must get away from the darkness of negative thoughts. When you feel sad, lonely, suicidal then go and do things you enjoy, hobbies, music, movies – anything. Go be with a close friend or total stranger. Go for a walk to clear your head. Being alone especially when suffering depression is not recommended, better to keep busy with no time to think. It’s the mind making the trouble, and the way out is to keep busy and not think about whatever troubles us so much to want to end our precious life.
We are all Gods children. We are all divine. We are all loved by the almighty. It is only our mind that stops Gods love flowing to us. If a cup is full of dirty water, can we add fresh juice into it? No, we must first empty the dirty water. The mind with negative thoughts is like a cup with dirty water, God wants to enter but there is no room.

It’s only our karma that blocks our royal status. The way out is to understand who we really are, to practice spiritually using a path we have affinity with. Freedom is on offer if we accept it. Often it takes a major shock in our life to bring us back into balance, back onto the noble path towards knowing our true God-nature.