Site is nearing completion

Hi everyone, thank-you for visiting our site. Hopefully its been useful for you. We have managed to make it functional but still a long way to go. There are about 70 pages or so missing, especially on the mind and typical problems with meditation. Will take another month or more to complete, its been a slow journey with not many helpers and resources. Have you ever tried to create something so big? We have been overwhelmed, a lot of work and research.
No one has sent comments yet, which is a bit disappointing but then again we need to improve our content and style first. The search engines are starting to find us, but we still need help from you; especially spreading our website address around, like on your Facebook/twitter page etc.
A fair amount of new content was added in October, a whole section on Death (reincarnation, suicide, pro-choice, pro-life, etc) and free-will. Also added were expanded sections on mantra‘s and chanting. Sadly there was a continuation of the madness of ignorance going on in the middle-east will the attempted killing of a 15-year-old girl, a heroine for equal rights in Taliban country; border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. She is clearly a great soul who has come here to show us courage and to touch the hearts of millions. A true inspiration to humanity. When we read stories like hers it reminds us how we are all linked and have a special part to play in Gods magical world.

The “home” icon was returned as some people may not know to click the logo to return to the home page.

In the last few days we added products and services, they can be found here. If you need something we provide then please consider us. We will not be putting any ads on our site as it takes away focus from the information provided, and even what we promote is low-key. It’s hard enough for people to concentrate let alone being distracted by adverts.
If anyone is interested, we are using WordPress, the theme is called SimplePress from elegant-themes.

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