December update

Previous update can be found here.

Here is another status update. On 17th Dec 2012, we upgraded WordPress to 3.5 (major upgrade), our theme and about 8 plug-ins. You may notice a few changes, some things better and some things not. Currently we are working through the issues.  We also changed our cache plug-ins; site was down for only 10 or so minutes.

Since our last updates which were intended to improve search rankings, the number of hits have gone down overall, but more in some pages. Mostly because over half our hits were from one page (trimurti) but in its infinite wisdom google no longer ranks the page. That’s life, Gods will!

More updates, just for Christmas. Our social network has expanded as seen in the right hand sidebar and also we’ve added some improvements to performance. Still trying to understand Google SEO as it seems to be a moving target.

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