How do we get knowledge | How do we get wisdom

Wisdom obtained from a higher source always surpases Knowledge

Wisdom obtained from a higher source always surpasses Knowledge

How do we get knowledge and improve our wisdom?

We only use a few percent of our brains potential according to research, with some world leaders even less  😆  Science would say its total hogwash, as even if 50% of the brain is damaged it would impair human functions, so how can we only use a few percent!!

But doctors are wrong in this case, as the small % used does not refer to physical neurons or tissue, it refers to our human quality or potential to fully develop the consciousness and IQ through a greater awakening. Sure there are mind exercises to develop some parts of the brain and these have varying degrees of success. What we are talking about is overcoming limitations by connecting to a higher source of learning which is not physical and not restricted to the brain.

For example, if a student enters a university examination with just a pencil and another student enters with a laptop connected to the internet – will the result be the same? The connection makes the difference; you are literally connected to a greater arena or knowledge base. In a similar manner, humans that only learn according to orthodox methods are like the student entering the exam with just a pencil. Humans that meditate and develop wisdom, especially if they connect to the akashic records, are like the student connected to the internet. Which would you prefer? So how do we get wisdom?

One thing science has proven with few doubters, are the different type of brain waves we all have.

  • Delta waves are super slow and occur during deep or controlled sleep. When we enter Samadhi states or leave our bodies with purpose we may also use this state.
  • Theta is almost like a dream state except it’s quite easy to enter during full awareness. Spiritually, it’s a level which opens our extra senses (esp) and enhances our sensitivity. Although easy not people utilize the true potential of this state.
  • Alpha is the most practical and useful level, children are always at this level, hence their ability to learn easily, to be like sponges for knowledge. It connects us to a vast storehouse of knowledge where we can get perfect solution to our answers. Listening to certain types of sounds/music (such has largo musical movements), relaxing in nature, meditating and light sleep all take us to Alpha.  This state makes us feel calm, it’s a natural state to maintain inner peace throughout the day. Children have been taught to use this state during exams, when they do not know an answer they request it from the universe. If receptive, they get a response – hence it seems they are more intelligent; but it actual fact they are wiser for using all that creation has offered. The more creative we are, or the more we practice creativity – the greater our use of Alpha.
  • During the day for most adults, we use beta waves; these keep us buzzing and somewhat hyper. However for our mission in life, they are useful in keeping us feeling separated.

How do we get knowledge? Knowledge comes from the logical side of the mind, from what it has learnt from all the senses based on our IQ or learning ability.  How do we get wisdom? Wisdom comes from the creative or intuitive side of the mind, depending on how connected we are to the whole, to the universal storehouse of data. And according to that connectiveness,  we will have a certain degree of wisdom. Masters are commonly known to have total wisdom and whatever they say is perfect (real masters that is whom are fully enlightened).

Wisdom gives us the ability to make decisions suitable for everyone, that are simple yet perfect and in harmony with creation. Intelligence however, uses the mind to create according to what we know. But, we know nothing, so little compared to what is available that is why when humans make decisions from the mind there are side effects; just look at our world today, most leaders are men who use logic not wisdom. So wisdom stemming from universal source is always far superior because it includes everything.

The Buddhist state known as Bodhi refers to the intellect. When we reach this state our mind is open to wisdom, we have reached a certain degree of enlightenment. Scientists use knowledge to make decisions, mostly based on what they were taught. Masters make decisions from wisdom, nobody taught them, it came from a higher source.

For a spiritual practitioner, the less mind we use the better! Another paradox. Why, because the mind makes us small, we may think we are the sum of what we have learnt. But it’s not true, we are much greater. If we connect to the soul, above the mind, we can have the mind and also the entire universe.

So most methods will tell you to let go of the ego, the small self so you can be great. From a practical point of view, less attachment to knowledge will help.

How do we get knowledge ; develop our intellect and study more.

How do we get wisdom ; use a method of our choice (such as meditation) to connect to a higher power.