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Family issues when I am around

Q:  i got married on xx-yy-20zz. From the first day of my marriage i was facing problems. i came back to my parents house on xx-yy-20zz. After that my whole family specially my sis is facing heavy problems. I think this is because of me n feel very guilty. I want all her problems to b sorted. How can i do that.

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A: We are sorry to hear of your family problems.
As you know, everything that happens to us is karma, not just with your wife but also immediate family including sister.

Often it take something to trigger the karma and make it appear. God puts us together as brother/sister or husband/wife not because we got along together in past lives, but because we had not finished our past karma so had to be born close to each other to learn love, and thus repay the karma.

So to answer your questions, you must grow in love yourself then the relationship with family will change. Spiritual practice is about introspection, not finding fault with others. It is always a quality we have that makes others react a certain way towards us, your mission is to find what it is within you that causes others pain.

Continue to pray to whomever you believe the most, but prayer alone will not work unless you ask for God to help you change, to give you the strength and courage to do what is needed so others will have better lives around you.

May God bless you and your family.

In Gods Love
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