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Welcome friends to our website! Do you know the deep meaning of Namaste? Hindu’s say it to each other as a greeting. Literally it translates to I bow to you, but it’s used more like this “the God in me welcomes and respects the God in you.”  So, Namaste and welcome dear friends.

The Help Me God Spiritual Information and Questions Help line is a free Help desk for those of us on the journey towards self-awareness ultimately leading to complete God realization or enlightenment. We answer questions on science and spirituality, religion, meditation, yoga, prayer, dreams, mindfulness, finding our own meaning of life and almost all things spiritual.

There are so many other websites out there, even Wiki is more complete so what is different about us? Sure, there are plenty of websites defining spiritual terms, Wikipedia covers almost everything. What is different is the level of mind involved. We explain things from inner experience and not book definitions. At times you may disagree with our answers but that is Okay, we are all on a journey and looking different ways. Life is about finding our own way, what resonates with us and fills us with joy and meaning. Many religions have gone astray due to philosophers or clerics/leaders mis-interpreting the divine teachings of past gurus. The sacred dharma must be understood from within, and explained to others from that view-point. So we cover a very broad range of topics, some may be similar in description but mostly not.

Our free service helps to explain spiritual experiences (and/or obstructions) and assist in smoothing life’s journey and quest for truth; ultimately ending in our eternal happiness. It’s a spiritual help desk for those not understanding their esoteric experiences during meditation, yoga, devotional mantras, prayer or just about any form or method of practice. You can either find answers from our site or ask us directly. We are more than willing to help you, because to help you is to help the almighty experience what God is.

Often we have dreams, inner visions or even physical side effects when following a method. Generally students should consult the teacher of the method, but at times that’s not possible; that’s where we may be of some use. If you have searched the internet for answers, joined forums or prayed yet are not satisfied; then you may like to give us a try. Our answers are not exactly the same as you’ll find on the net. They will be explained from wisdom derived from meditation, not just an intellectual understanding of past doctrines.

Regardless of your belief, religion, method, meditation, or form of practice, the Help me God Spiritual Information and Questions Help desk is here to help you in a personal way.

Enjoy the journey through our site and in life itself.

Namaste and Welcome friends


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