What is Channeling

Channeling or spirit-medium

Its not just angelic beings that can enter us, Channeling is fraught with danger

Channeling is the spiritual art of being used as a spirit-medium by other beings, sometimes angelic heavenly beings, sometimes deceased loved-ones and sometimes hell-like beings. What is channeling, it’s when we put ourselves in a trance or a state of mind where we call upon deceased persons, astral beings or ascended masters to use our body as a medium for them to use as needed; and thus communicate to the channeller or more commonly others in the room.


Why use channeling

In other non-physical realms, beings cannot speak with a voice so to use our human body can be useful in order to relay a message to a living person. To find a channeller (or spirit-medium) is pretty easy these days, but beware of the real cost. Not just the money but the spiritual debt we will owe for the information and connection (assuming it is real in the first place). Nothing is free is this world, nor in the other worlds. God wants us to accept life and our karma, when we seek answers it means we do not accept Gods-will. Indirectly it is sort of being ungrateful with our life because we want to know something we don’t have access to or maybe feel like we did not complete. Past masters have told us to leave the dead alone, look after the living; that is already hard enough. Often the dead will tell us things but we will be obliged to them in some way. Even if they tell us, it may cause more trouble.

Is channeling safe

No. For spiritual practitioners, channeling is not recommended. Even if we have emotional issues with a deceased person or what to know about something in the past which now haunts us and must be resolved, it’s better to forgive and forget. Accept the past, live in the present and make your future is bright.

Along with the dark arts, channeling is one of the few spiritual techniques that we cannot endorse. It is fraught with danger. Even with a master and pure living, we are open to any entity that has some affinity with us, it’s like opening the front door of your home then going to sleep. Once asleep, you have no control of who comes in and what they do. Channeling is a quick way to being possessed by spirits. Not all spirits are good.