Dying with Dignity

Growing old together and dying with dignity

Growing old gracefully together then dying with dignity, not wanting our loved ones to suffer for us


Most of us have family and the last thing we want is to see them suffer on our behalf. When people love us they naturally want the best for us, so when we are in pain, bed ridden and close to death, their hearts will also feel our pain. Dying with dignity is the best and most natural way to leave, but it may not always be possible.

What we want and what we are allowed to do are very different. Death is very personal, perhaps the most personal thing we will encounter during life – and right at the end.


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Dying with Dignity

There are several ways we can die, and each way can produce different results as to what happens after death. In each way, Dying with Dignity is the best.

  • during sleep
  • during an accident, disaster or unexpected event and
  • during sickness
When we Die during sleep it is the most natural, graceful and dignified way to go. We truly are dying with dignity because there is no pain, no suffering, no waiting, no-one mourning for us. What happens to us after death depends on what we did during life, how we behaved, how much merit we have derived from spiritual practice and what we were thinking of (most of the time) near our death-date.

When we die due to an accident it is unprepared and thus due to our state of mind being in a sort of panic we could die and go to a place we didn’t want to. Often this type of death leads to a state of limbo, so often we see ghost movies with the ghost being a cause of resolved murders or some unexpected tragedy.

Since it is not us that decides if we should die this way, we should nonetheless be prepared for death at any-time. By leading a moral life and practising spiritually, it will ensure we acknowledge death as part of life and have added valuable credit to our eternal bank-account. We humans save for the future or via superannuation, but our eternal life is far more important Why not put a little away each day, but doing good deeds and following a method that suits us.

It is during sickness that we truly have choice. We can decide to be beggars and hang on to life, or surrender to the divine will and allow God to determine our fate. Dying with dignity, choosing to accept our fate and maintain our human standard even though our body is failing is the way of the saint.
To take our own life either through suicide or euthanasia is not graceful. To cling to life and live as a vegetable on life-support is not dignified.

So, lets live as if in nature supported by God. Of course we must strive to stay alive by listening to our doctor, do our best to continue life so we may continue to practise spiritually and help our loved-ones. Dying with dignity dictates we surrender to the divine when the time is right, and go happily and peacefully knowing we have done our best to complete our mission.