What is happiness

What is happiness - its a state of be-ing

Laughing helps to release stress, anxiety and sickness. It promotes happiness.

What is happiness

Dictionaries define what is happiness as an emotion or mental state of complete well-being. A feeling of contentment and immense joy with the moment, with what we are doing, with your environment and the people around us. What is happiness? Something everyone wants and that money cannot buy. But its much more than that, in terms of a spiritual definition.

What is Happiness? It is a state of being when we are at peace with who we are. Sadness (at the opposite spectrum of happiness) is how we judge/perceive ourself in comparison with everyone else or with societies expectation of us.

We were born with NO judgement, even young children love their parents/siblings regardless of who they are, what they do or what they look like. They just love and are mostly happy. Children have no expectation, they do not compare, then are in a state of being in the present moment. Simple and free, no thoughts, no concepts, no hangups.

Happiness is being reborn as a child again, being innocent and living in the moment.

Not being happy takes a lot of work, a lot of training to compare and to judge. To not like, to follow rules to follow conditioning. As we grow we poison our minds with so much negativity from society and other so-called adults, that we forget what its like to be child-like. We force ourselves to be grown-ups and behave like we should. But many of us cannot do that, it’s too much to handle so we become miserable and even go into depression.

Lets do a little exercise to understand the mind and how it changes our state, from happiness to sadness and everything in-between.

Do something that will make you laugh, really laugh out. Perhaps watch one of your favourite comedies or think of a past fun/happy moment. While you are laughing, try to observe your thoughts (this will be difficult as normally when we really laugh, our mind is empty; no thought at all).

Now, think of something bad which caused you much pain. Can you feel the anger within, can you observe the judgemental mind?

Okay, now you know the secret to happiness;  laughter 😆 The state laughter brings is to be present just in the moment, no mind dribble. Sadness comes when we follow the mind and are lost in our troubles, in our judgements. Sure laughter by itself is not that great, but even faking it then spontaneously bursting out (especially in a group) works miracles because during that short period, the mind has no control over you.

Regardless of what difficulty we may be in, it will pass. Perhaps in one day, or in one month; but in will pass. So why not just be happy and forget our issues? Even if we have trouble, thinking about it doesn’t make them go away. Being happy also doesn’t make them go away, but it does allow us to be more aware of solutions as they come into life. Positivity will attract positivity and make the universe find a perfect solution for you.

So what is happiness? It is the state of your mind. How to be happy – see here. What are the benefits of being happy? If you need to ask that, you are in more trouble than you realize. Happiness brings joy into our lives, makes life worth living, makes others happy because it is infectious, and takes us closer to God. There are numerous medical benefits also. What is happiness? It’s a holistic approach to total well-being. Try it, always and in all ways.