The Guru

Some of the greatest guru/Masters who have lived on Earth

Some of the greatest guru/masters whom have graced Earth are listed under our spirituality section in the nav-menu

The Guru, Master, Prophet, Messenger, Sage, Buddha, Christ or Avatar.

There is an ancient saying in India, if both God and the Guru appear in front of you, who should you bow to? The Guru! Why, because Hindu‘s believe it is the Guru that takes us to God. Guru is a Sanskrit term for teacher or master. All the past great masters (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Prophet Mohammed, etc) were all Guru’s.

Our mother or spouse can love us dearly for life, but only the guru can love us eternally, unconditionally and take us to Heaven. The Guru’s love is boundless because they are connected to the whole, the infinite. They are God personified in human form.

The beauty about spiritual practice is that everyone can be right and no-one wrong. You are the one that must decide what is right for you. So look around, find a guru that resonates with your being, find a teacher that you have some affinity with and then devote yourself to the method recommended until it’s time to move on.

There is another saying, when the disciple is ready, the guru will come!

How do you know? There are some general guidelines to look for, again depending on the type of things that interest you.

Normally, you should be given some proof that the method works and the guru is real with enough power to protect you, perhaps like your own inner vision or dream, testimony from others followers of their inner experiences, or perhaps just a very strong feeling you have.

Next, whatever the method claims to provide, it must be in-line with past teachers of the same or similar method, and in-line with your own truths about what you want from it.

Next, whatever comes from God is free, we were born with everything needed to achieve/obtain what we want; so look at what you are being charged for. Obviously classes such as yoga or meditation retreats need to be paid for; they are not the method, just facilitate you practising the method. The method is more like a secret mantra, an initiation, a ceremony, a technique, a blessing etc taught by the Guru…. A teacher can show you where your forgotten treasure is, they can light the way so you follow the right path and perhaps carry you a little when you need help; but at the end of the day they give you nothing new, you are the master of your own path.

Finally, Gods love is unconditional. We are perfect where we are and what we are, so any master who asks you to dramatically change your way of life should be considered carefully; like drop your family, sell all your possessions, change the type of garments you wear…etc. These are only external, no real master would care about them unless an individual disciple is too attached. In many cases, a method may ask you to keep precepts such ‘no-killing’, ‘no-stealing’, ‘no-adultery’, etc… These are rules of the universe for all to live a harmonious life, so a method may ask you to do this to pull you back into balance.

For example, if your body is sick a teacher may ask you to do a fast for a while, but once back into balance the fast is of no value. Spiritually its the same, once we are in balance with life, we become the precepts; that is our consciousness has changed so much that we naturally would not do anything to harm another being.

As an example, a method offers you eternal paradise. So the questions we need to ask are,

  • who is going to give me this, who has the power and where did he get the power from?
  • has anyone else got it, any proof?
  • do I have to wait until death to get it?
  • what is the foundation of this method, who started it, who runs it now?
  • how is it funded & managed?
  • Most of these are common sense questions;

If you are honest and look carefully it will keep you out of trouble. But having said that, it seems the destiny of many to fall into Mayas trap; if so, nothing we say can convince them otherwise.

The Guru is truly the ultimate treasure for a spiritual practitioner seeking answers, they should be helped, supported and respected and revered.