Is God real | The truth about God

I am puzzled, is God real or not

I am puzzled, is God real or not

The truth about God, past masters and about religions; are they real, is God real or is God just a real fake?

  •  If Jesus was the son of God, the Father made flesh, then why aren’t the Christians in bliss and the blessed children of God? After all, Jesus did say “I am the light & way…no one comes to the father except through me”
  • If Krishna was the Supreme Being, why aren’t all Hindus living in peace and only worship him? He said “love me, love only me”
  • Or If Mohammed (peace be upon him) was the greatest prophet, why aren’t Muslims living in harmony? He was the True Messenger of Allah at the time and with Islam the only true religion.


So what gives? All these great masters, all God made flesh, were they in competition? Who was the greatest? Only one can be telling the truth right? So is God real? To explain this, let’s look at what Buddha said “I teach one thing and one only: suffering and the end of suffering.”

The truth about God! The Buddha liked to speak profound truths, but true they were. Also true was everything said by Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed and every other fully enlightened master. At the time they were alive and only for their own followers; the people they initiated (imparted some secret practice to). After they died, what they said only held true for the people who made contact with them via their (the masters) physical body.  So what Jesus said was “As long as I am in the world…” and he also said not to grieve, he will send many messengers (other masters).

So now back to the Buddha. We suffer because humans do not understand the essence and power of a real master. They read the words and interpret them differently to what the master meant.  Hence, even the most religiously pious people, even the best religion; all suffer in one way or another. The original master power and teaching is gone replaced by dogma, rites, rituals or pagan worship.

The only truth is the end of suffering, by finding a real living master, making the connection and walking the path to self realization. How long it takes for us to do that is an individual choice;  free will.

What is said here may sound like heresy to many, but you only need to look at the world to see the problems caused by misinterpreting religions and what God had said. The truth about God is we need to listen to what God is saying, to live in the present moment with a living teacher; the past is gone, learn from it then let it go.

Regardless of how good a dead doctor was, if we are injured we must seek a living doctor to operate on us.

So is God real, yes but only for those who know what to look for. For most of humanity, the relationship they have with God is dysfunctional.