Religious tolerance

Old wounds take many years to heal. On Sep 11, 2012 – 11 years after 911. An anti-Islam Youtube video enraged Muslims in the middle east. In a display that our world still lacks religious tolerance limiting our freedom, U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in an attack that analysts said was staged by militants to coincide with a demonstration against the movie.

It was yet another demonstration of Religious freedom being denied due to intolerance. This is not about one religion, but all religions. It is about what is wrong with all religions. We cannot blame angry Muslims for this, most Muslims are the same as most Christians, Buddhists, Jews or …. They worship their God, they pray and strive for a good life for their families. It’s just a few that make all the trouble that cause governments to change policy restricting the many.

Who wants to see their master defamed? No-one, of course not. It’s not good for the one defaming, and not good to contaminate the noble work of past masters spreading doubt and negativity in the world. God loves us unconditionally and allows things to happen for a reason, so when garbage is spread perhaps we should condemn it but be tolerant of it – why? Simply because God is freedom. If you are a woman and someone calls you a man, would you bother arguing ? No…you would laugh knowing 1000% you are a woman. So, if we know truly had faith in our master like we knew what gender we were, would anything anyone said contrary to that change us? No.

So, faith is the key to tolerance. Know, Love and respect our own beliefs and ignore the garbage that goes on due to the ignorant. To retaliate at hatred will only serve to empower it, to ignore it, to return hate with love, will destroy it. You can see it in families, with an older sibling teasing a younger. If the younger hates it, the older continues. If the younger ignores it, the older loses interest.

So lets all pray that the militants are ignored, that governments don’t change policy to restrict the freedoms of the average person like it has been for decades. Americans say they have won the war on terror, Bin Laden is dead. But actually they have lost, they are prisoners now unable to travel freely and living in perpetual fear of reprisal. Violence begets violence. War enrages promoting hate. Hate begets hate. The cycle continues.

Break the cycle, make our enemies into our friends. Return misunderstanding with love and tolerance – then and only then will we all be free.

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