Spiritual healing | Energy healing

Energy healing or Spiritual Healing

Changing a persons karma using energy-healing methods is not recommended


There are many forms of spiritual healing or energy healing. Techniques such as Reiki, visualization (of a healed person), playing with a person’s magnetic field or energy exchange, etc. All the methods have one thing in common; they modify the patient’s magnetic field using the same thought process or energy which God uses to create our reality. Sounds good right, but no! Doing that interferes with divine will.



Our many spiritual bodies

Basically we have many layers which make up our body. Our physical body we can see and all know, we also have an astral body which is the perfect replica of the physical (for example, a person without a limb would feel as if the missing limb is still there, because it is in the astral form), and we also have a causal body. There are more but these are enough to explain this topic.

According to past masters, Heaven allows us  to heal the physical body as explained here, but ONLY God has the right to modify our esoteric body because only God knows what karma we must endure.

When we engage spiritual healing and modify our karma, we interfere with Gods will and thus incur more karma making our own lives difficult, but it may not manifest in this life, the extra karma may occur over several lives.

This is very complicated to understand as  for example, there are Reiki hospitals with amazing results which appear to benefit patients. Reiki masters say they do nothing, God does all through them (please forgive us if this seems to badmouth Reiki, it’s not our intention. We just want to give a real example. Ultimately each person should do whatever they feel is right for them). So if a method does so much good, why is it bad?

The Ego

Because we have free will, we have a body and we have a mind therefore we have an ego. Our ego may say we are not the do-er, but that’s nonsense. The do-er is the ego. Only a person above the mind and always doing God’s will (a true enlightened being), can say they are not the do-er. So what happens when we interfere with Gods will and heal someone spiritually using energy healing?

Let’s say my best friend John, is in prison for a minor crime. He pleaded guilty and is doing time. But John decides to break out, he escapes and tired, scared and hungry comes to me, his best friend for help. Of course I love John, so help him for a few days until he moves on. John gets caught, returns to prison. So what happens to John and me? According to western law, John gets more time in prison, and I, as an accomplice also get into trouble (of some sort).

With karma its the same. If we remove someone’s karma via spiritual healing, they will be healed. But it’s temporary, it will return in this life or the next, but rest assured it will return. And the healer gets some bad karma for interfering. Ever read of Edgar Casey? He pioneered long distance or remote energy healing, which for him worked wonders. But after each session he had to rest, because of what was exchanged and he collected. The job of a real master is to take the karma of their disciples, but how they suffer for doing so. They can do it due to their power and authorization, we do not have either. Normally, they die early due to the collective burden they absorb.

Needless to say, although you are free to choose which method of healing best suits you, and would be tempted by a quick fix, we do not recommend any method which interferes with your astral or causal bodies. A surgeon cutting out a cancer is not interfering because the pain will make us think and repent. A psychic healer dissolving the cancer with thought is interfering, denying the patient the opportunity of learning, of growth.  Suffering has reason, has purpose. Spiritual healing or energy healing should be avoided, surrendering or accepting our karma is the way to clear it.