How to pray | Types of prayers | The best prayer

How to pray, with sincerity. Our posture is not important.

Our attention or sincerity delivers the prayer, not our posture.

How to pray?

The best prayer, the best way to pray is in your own way, in private and in faith that you are being heard. It’s your emotion that sends the prayer, it’s your faith that yields result and its your trust that enables the connection. (Please also see what is prayer and the power of prayer before continuing with How to pray)

The main types of Prayers



1 or 2 way



in need of help

one way, but reply can come back in different way


Most people who follow religions perform this type of prayer when in need of help or want the almighty to do something for them.  Emotion is the current that sends our prayer higher. When we really need help and are sincere during the prayer, support will come.




Many religions have regular church/temple services where groups worship, typically with clergy leading the congregation. Prayers are mostly repeated without sincerity. The main advantage is it helps people to remember God and adds to positivity to the world.

repetition (incl rosary beads)



Many religions require we pray at least once per day, some even have fixed prayers for certain deeds we have done or certain times in our life. These are not sincere and have little or no effect. The main advantage is only to remind us of God or help with concentration.

to scare demons


pagan ritual

Some religions pray in unison or make a lot of noise to ward off evil – especially during certain festivals or celebrations. The prayers serve no purpose except to scare away invisible beings. Not sure if they work, but God is not the only one to get a headache.




Some people offer things like food, to God or deities so it can be blessed. Or offer flowers/incense in order to have some good reward




Many people sing or perform to God or in God’s name. It’s a devotional type of service




Many people simply thank God for what they have, such as saying grace prior to eating. The gratitude we feel uplifts us and our surrounding – benefiting everyone. This is a powerful form of prayer.

ask for peace



Many people pray for the whole planet, to end war, or for a country or community. Something greater than themselves, for non-selfish reasons.  This prayer expands the consciousness of the person praying and sends love into the planet. If enough people pray like this, the prayer will manifest.

to connect



When we meditate with no desire, only gratitude. We enter a two-way channel with God through the language of the soul. No words are exchanged but much wisdom is downloaded into our minds. After meditation we get intuitive ideas and clarity from the downloaded wisdom.


Why are most prayers one way; that is, unanswered? Because we bla-bla-bla without listening. Meditation is two-way process because we do not talk, just sit in quiet. Perhaps we may start with a prayer but just once and mostly it’s of gratitude or asking for a stronger relationship with God, with our true selves, to know our selves better and better.

The best prayer is your prayer. No body else matters, there is no competition. There is no perfect way or wrong way only your way. There is no perfect time or wrong time only your time when you need to pray. God (your personal copy of the almighty) is only listening to you; and God the omnipotent also listens to everyone else, individually and within comparison.