The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer shows result if we are open to it


The Power of prayer is real, but it is mostly for the individual in need

Prayer is a very powerful form of communication between a person and whomever they are praying to. It brings peace to our minds and solace to our souls. When all other options fail and we are desperate for help, with no way out and full of tears and strong emotion; that’s the time our prayer may actually reach and be answered because our emotion carries the message deep into our soul.

What is prayer, and why is it we need to pray in the first place? Why do we or other people suffer.

  • Our eyes are the window to the soul.
  • Our heart is the gateway to Heaven.
  • Our emotion is the vehicle which transmits the message.

When we are in trouble, in need of help; that’s when our emotion is most sincere and powerful. At that time, Heaven can hear and that’s when we can see the power of prayer at work. If we just recite a prayer in a church with 100 more, it’s somewhat limited.

There is a joke, something like this

A Hindu was speaking to a Christian about disasters and said. I really admire you, if something happens you just pray and get immediate help. For me, I could be dead before help comes. The Christian, sounding very surprised believing all religions are equal said why. The Hindu said because you only have one god, we have 330 Million so by the time I finish my prayer I am gone.

Sounds funny, but it has some truth. Often we don’t know who to pray to or think too much about the prayer or effect. It must be natural, God is omnipotent, omnipresent. If we have a master its easier since we simply pray to the master and he/she will pass the message on. If we don’t, we must know who we are calling upon. Our mind must be clear. If we just say God or our angel guide, what does that mean to us? How do we relate to it?

So now you know why God almighty has to send so many messengers down to earth. Because without a physical form, it’s difficult for us to know God…just too abstract. For example, what does the infinite, absolute or most high actually mean? Most religions have past messengers. Most spiritual groups have living masters but new age groups have paid teachers who may or may not have attained a level where they can answer prayers or protect their disciples.

Even with religious groups, their masters are deceased. They all say their master is the only one and still omnipresent, but that is not what God says. Most religions say something like “I am the way”, “Love me only me”, or something which makes us believe they are the only way to God.

If we pray to a dead master, the effect may not be as good as praying to a living one. Its true ascended masters are still around, but not at our level and no longer in form. We need to get to their level if we want to be heard. If we have made contact with a living master, even after they have past away – that is also fine as the connection has already been established. If we are in darkness we need an electrician to come turn on the lights, books will not help. Afterwards he has switched on the power, we can be left alone.

In summary, prayer is more powerful when we have been connected to a holy person who can hear our prayers and pass them on, answer and also protect us. Second most powerful is when we are in some emotional pain and pray sincerely to whomever we believe in most.

Types of prayer vary greatly. Muslims pray 5 times per day, Christians mostly on Sundays or daily using rosary beads, Hindus revere their deities daily, Buddhists recite the Sutra’s or calls names of past Buddha’s, etc.

When we meditate, we are praying in silence, or in the closet as mentioned in the bible. When we chant the Lord’s name, we are praying.

Essentially there are two main forms of prayer, one where we talk constantly without listening. The other where we ask once, then listen for the response. The latter is more in line with spiritual practice and reveals the power of prayer in full-force.

We are not beggars, and God is not deaf and stupid. A single prayer delivered correctly will reach and the response will start. If we are quiet, then we will hear or intuitively feel the response. If we keep asking over and over again, it becomes a mantra with no feeling and minimal effect. To hear means to still the mind, be in the now, or meditate.

When we were young we were always asking our parents for things, but later in life we could get/buy our own. It’s the same with prayer. Acceptance and gratitude are the highest form of love and belief in God, it’s like we believe what God is doing is the best. Using our mind to change something we don’t like or disagree with is children’s play; we do not accept God’s will.

As mentioned in the beginning, in times of sorrow or pain, when life is too much to handle, these are perfect times to pray; to use God as our closest friend; to connect and know we are not alone. In these circumstances we are not asking for something, only love and the strength to continue. These prayers take us higher because of the feeling of oneness and the effect in has in increasing our faith, it’s the real power of prayer.

When is the best time to pray? When you need to. What is the best prayer to make? Whatever is in your heart, whatever is troubling you or wish to praise. How often should I pray?

  • For prayers of peace, sharing love or gratitude, the more often the better.
  • For requests to remove pimples from your face or get an A+ in your exam, once should be enough.
  • For prayers to help you improve yourself for the betterment of others, to give strength or to find God, as often as you wish.

How will the answer come? Mostly intuitively, but if you’re not use to listening ….then

    • When you are reading, watching-tv or listening to a friend…you will see the answer
    • When you are in the shower or walking or any-time, an idea will come to your head

How will you know it’s the real answer? It will benefit you and others. God always gives the perfect answer for everyone’s consideration.