What is after Death | What is Reincarnation | The after-life

Life after death, What is after Death, The Afterlife.

Life after death is a lot like life before death. We move-on to very similar circumstances & people. That’s what is after Death.


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Life after Death (the after-life)!

What is after Death, is there life after Death. Is Death just the beginning or the absolute end? Please read this article on death which explains what happens after we die, then continue reading for proof and more detail. Every religion talks of something happening after death. In eastern philosophy reincarnation is accepted, in western religions they talk about Heavenly reward for good deeds or faith in the religion or its master.

Science has now proved without doubt the existence of life after death; how did they achieve this? By studying thousands of Near death experiences (NDE), out-of-body experiences (OBE), and interviewing children who had memories of past-lives. Even the Dalia Lama was tested as a child and found to be the 13th reincarnation of the Highest Lama.

In his book Evidence of the Afterlife, radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long proves the after-life. You can read more information here and the original time article here.

What is Reincarnation, do we reincarnate after death

Reincarnation is the process where a soul attaches itself to another body after death. Our mind (also called our consciousness or spirit) enters the new body which then starts the life-force (the being becomes alive). The mind holds the instruction or mission for the new-body and also the memories and characteristics from past-lives, the soul experiences the life of the new-body by connecting a silver cord to the spirit.

The time between bodies can vary, in some cases immediate in other cases thousands or millions of years. If enough spiritual merit was collected during life, that could earn a sojourn of thousands of years in Heaven.

The Buddha said it is very difficult to attain a human body, like one in a million or worse odds (other forms such as animals or insects are much easier). Tibetans use the term “rinpoche” meaning “precious” or “jewel” when referring to the human body as an invaluable tool to reach enlightenment. The time depends on the merit, so many beings want to be human because in another form they cannot practice spiritually like in a human body, so the competition is fierce. God arranges for the most spiritually minded to have the best opportunity, that is they are ready to return home and merge with the creator. Others who still have karma must wait their turn.

The body does not need to be the same type as the previous soul-experience. For example, if in one life the soul was attached to a female human, next life it could be a male-human, an animal or even invisible being.

This site and this one have lots of information to prove what is after death and that reincarnation is real, one only needs an open mind to understand the after-life.

Ever see the 1974 movie “Blazing Saddles”? There is a scene where the bad-guys are delayed from destroying a town in the middle of nowhere (like the above picture) by the good-guys, who build a toll station. Not having coin’s the bad-guys have to return to get change. Anyway, it’s a very good comedy send-up of stupid villains.  The after-life, ro life after death is somewhat like that though, sure we die and lose our body but often we end up in the same place, with the same people and doing the same type of work, and like stupid villains, we are proud of it and think we are great.

Maybe one life we were mathematicians using an abacus, now we are programmers using computers. One life we were the dad and another time the son, now we are the daughter and the son we had becomes our mother., etc. The sad thing is, we waste a human life, a very precious and valuable human life due to our stupidity of not wanting to change ourselves for the better. We are born around the people we have the most bad-karma with; and we have bad-karma with them because we did not erase it previously, or maybe we created it in a past life.

The reason we have the same type of life and family/friends is because we did not complete our karma (or lesson) with them, so God had to arrange to put us back together. In relationships (family members, lovers or friends) the primary reason we are together is because we have left-over unresolved bad karma.

After death we look back on our life and when we see wasted opportunity it fills our heart with regret causing us to stagnate or even regress a little.

Of primary importance is to live life wholeheartedly, no regrets. Keep the moral codes of the universe which is the same as the moral codes or precepts of most religions. And think positive, think of God often.

At the time of death what you are thinking dictates what you want and where you will go, to a very significant extend. The eastern belief system states our last thought or strong desire determines our next journey, the after-life.

At the time of birth we are so eager and make all these noble plans, to forgive to walk the way of love. But once we’re born into the world we are made to forget, a veil covers our past-life information to make it easier to live now. Imagine if we did many bad things in past lives and knew it, wouldn’t the guilt and burden make life impossible now? This is the reason why we get lost in life and forget God; its suppose to be like that so we can live life normally and erase our karma by enduring it. When the time is right something inside will click and we will seek our spiritual side, that’s when we start to remember.

The family we are born to is our choice, based on karmic connections. Not because we love them but because we have things to work out with them. In most cases family members are not our best friends, we have issues in past life. So God puts us together as family in order to use love to erase the friction we had.

For spiritual practitioners who have a real living master and who have kept the moral codes advised by their master and who have practised the spiritual method imparted by their master, after death is pure divine bliss. The master will await them and regardless of thought and desire, they will be taken to the highest heavens in the after-life. For them, there is no more reincarnation.