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If you have a personal issue which has not been addressed through prayer, searching the web or from our site, then free-your-mind and ask us for help. Pray to whichever power you believe to be the highest, then contact-us using the form below and leave the rest to the universe.

You are free to ask any question related to spirituality or problems in life, but we will not answer anything related to psychic  readings, past/future lives, predictions or enter into debates about what is right or wrong. Also, we will not answer questions judging another method, any person, guru, institution or government.

If you want to know more details about a method, in addition to asking us you can also search our site and the internet. We are still growing our site to cover 99% of what people search for, or follow. Our mission is to be able to support as many spiritually minded practitioners as possible.

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Disclaimer: This site is intended to explain life and inner meditations in a spiritual way; advice given should be taken as general. If you have any sickness or condition then professional help should be obtained in addition to spiritual. With the guidance of a real master, the inner journey is safe and sound – without a living master side effects may ensue. We are happy to advise all who ask, but we are not responsible for what you do in your life, your type of spiritual practice or how you interpret our response to your question.