Fast Cleanse

Fast, quick and easy Clease-detox

A Fast Cleanse is like flushing the system with lots of water and/or herbs to remove as much rubbish (via stools) as possible in a short period of time.

There are two meanings of the term Fast Cleanse.

  1. Quick and easy cleansing or detox of the body.
  2. Cleansing the body via fasting (consuming only water); this is also known as a fasting cleanse.

As we’ve already covered fasting and detox this page describes quick and easy cleansing methods.



The Royal flush (real fast cleanse)

Have you even seen a gush of water flowing out of a storm water drain? When we do a fast cleanse that’s what it looks like, liquid forcing the stools out. For some people it may seem like diarrhoea, for some they may have a feeling of constipation first before release, for others it may appear normal.

During a fast cleanse we would normally take a gentle laxative, something like senna leaves, the night before starting the cleanse. In the morning we would take our herbs or liquid solution to begin the process, generally the first toilet visit will have the most solid matter, then over the course of the fast cleanse it will turn more liquid.

Types of fast cleanse

A fast cleanse is like an express version of whatever method you like. A common and very simple flush is called the maple syrup detox diet or lemonade-diet. This basically entails drinking about 1 liter (pint) of luke-warm pure water with 2 tea-spoons of salt (dissolved) fairly quickly, within a few minutes. After an hour or so, the first expulsion of waste occurs. Thereafter, perhaps all day, more will occur until the bowel and whole system if flushed clean to some extend. During the fast cleanse, a lemonade mixture of water, cayenne pepper and maple is consumed a few times for energy and also to help break mucoid plaque.

Other fast cleanse’s require consuming some herb or mixture to accelerate the process. There are many types ranging from powders to pills to liquids to mixtures. Some cleanse the colon, liver, kidneys, parasites, etc.

Length of cleanse/effectiveness

The minimum would be 1 day, with the maximum around 5-7 days. It’s for people on the go, who need to work or simply don’t have the time for a proper detox.

A fast cleanse is like hitting the brakes of a car quickly. Sure it will stop, but a little abrupt and stressful. If we need to detox that means our bodies are out of balance, so needs time to regain balance. By doing a quick & easy fast cleanse we don’t give it the time needed, instead force it to flush. The effect is better than not doing one, but you will not get the relaxed uplifting feeling which comes from normal cleansing.

The system is working too hard, detoxification is a process of letting our organs rest to recover and eliminate waste. One of the main reasons a detox works so well is the length of time we go without eating solid foods, giving a chance for our digestive system to rest, to lose excess fat and let go of excess water retention from our body (which results in some weight loss) and also time for the toxins to be removed from our body via the blood and ultimately stools.

Side effects or danger

If you are not used to a fast cleanse, its best to start off gently and with guidance from a friend or doctor. Since the duration is short, there is little danger. Only a few people with overly exhausted bodies and fragile states of being may have some form of toxic shock if the cleanse is done too quickly. So, if you are new then use a reduced dosage until you are comfortable. Also, best to use organic and natural ingredients. Avoid chemical based cleanses, try to find natural herbs and use Celtic/Himalayan salt.

For more information please see our detox section.

A detox method (which can also be used as a fast cleanse) we recommend is the Bio Cleanse
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